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My Personal Philosophy (1)

Donesha Barton
My Personal Philosophy
Philosophy is “a set of ideas or beliefs relating to a particular field or activity; an
underlying theory”. (Master, 2017). Many people have different beliefs when it comes to
philosophy. In my opinion your philosophy is what is important for you to perform your job. I see
my philosophy as being centered around patient centered care. As a nurse if you do not have
the compassion and heart for the job that includes taking care of people at their lowest, this is
not the field for you. My personal philosophy fits with where I work now because our patients
come out of surgery and are in so much pain and discomfort and my job is to make sure they
are comfortable so that I am able to determine how to properly care for my patient. This small
gesture can make my day/night much easier. Bedside manners are important.
Bedside manners are needed but I need to adjust my invisible line between patient
pleasing and patient centered care. As a nurse I am sometimes caught into wanting to make
sure my patient has everything he or she wants to maximize comfort. Nursing care should be
handled first with comfort care following that. The orders that are in the computer are in place by
the doctor to ensure progression. Comfort care is individualized per patient reflected by their
personal preference. Some patients also would like to have a listening ear, but I have to be
careful in spending too much time with one patient and not being able to give my other patients
the time needed to care for them properly.
This BSN education will mean that I am one step closer to my goal of becoming an APN.
I am aware that this will be a struggle while working 2 jobs, but I am willing to put in the work to
reach this goal. Receiving my BSN means that I did not give up and settle for the minimum and
that I have the determination to take full advantage of education that others do not have access
to. This degree will increase my chances of getting job opportunities that may offer pay
upgrades, and/or hire quicker than a nurse that does not have a BSN. I do not plan to stay in
Arkansas forever and many states require this degree for hire.
My education will change in the way I work in the healthcare field by me being able to
see issues from a different perspective due to continued education. In this course it will enhance
my professional nursing skills. There is one thing to be a successful nurse, but you become
even better when portrayed as being professional. As with any other job, professionalism is
important to gain respect with your supervisor, charge nurses, doctors and coworkers.
Continued education as a nurse will improve your career. There is no such thing as learning too
much. Knowledge is power.
Masters, K. (2020). Role development in professional nursing practice (5th
ed.). Jones & Bartlett.