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PPP Verbal highlighted

Section 2#10- The highlighted text is “​and genetic differentiation has been influenced by the
ecology of the species and the current and past geographic and geological conditions​”
#17- The highlighted text is “​The English painters Constable and Turner, whose work
French artists knew, had already painted out of doors earlier in the century and brilliantly sought
to capture the impact of natural scenes on their sensibility​.”
Section 1#11 - The highlighted sentence is “​If this held true for dogs, larger, older, more dominant
dogs would show more self-handicapping than their partners​”
Section 2#10- The highlighted sentence is “​The pioneers were the booksellers and printers who
addressed specialist titles to the ladies in the 1600s, while the post-1688 print boom saw the
publication of custom-designed ladies` pocket diaries, a proliferation of female manuals of all
kinds, the Female Spectator in the 1740s and the long-running Lady`s Magazine from 1770​.”
#16- First portion: “​Atlantis is entirely a creation of Plato’s imagination.​”
Second portion: “​...the traditional view is surely correct​”
#17- The highlighted sentence is “​Longevity, it was thought, justifies the biological
investment in big, complex brains​.”
Section 1#11- The highlighted sentence is “​Although her dates (1775–1817) place her squarely
within the period, she traditionally has been studied apart from the male poets whose work
defined British Romanticism for most of the twentieth century. ”
Section 2#9- The highlighted sentence is “​viewed as competitors, rather than as potential sources
of adaptive information​.”
#16- First portion: “​Barley was the first grain to be cultivated by the ancient Egyptians.​”
Second portion: “​they consumed barley raw​”
#18- “​art music​” is the highlighted bit as the question states as well.