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readme linux

1. Mount COMSOL DVD into virtual DVD drive and start installation with shell:
NOTE: IF running on VM with number of processors smaller than maximum installed,
set COMSOL_NUM_NUMA=<number of sockets> or COMSOL_NUM_NUMA=1 for ordinary PC to avoid error at startup:
2. Select "_SolidSQUAD_/LMCOMSOL_Multiphysics_SSQ.lic" to install COMSOL Multiphysics
Select "_SolidSQUAD_/LMCOMSOL_Server_SSQ.lic" to install COMSOL Server
3. Select Components, Installation folder and options.
At installation step "Options" untick "Check for updates after installation" and "Enable automatic check for updates"
4. (OPTIONAL) If installing COMSOL Server:
4.1 Open terminal as user who installed COMSOL Server (typically, as root)
CD to COMSOL Server installation directory (where comsolsetup.log resides)
and run "comsol_Server_Workaround.sh"
4.2 Wait until script completes
5. Run "<COMSOL Installation directory>/bin/comsol multiphysics" or click on desktop
Run "<COMSOL Installation directory>/bin/comsol server". Specify login and password
for COMSOL Server administrative user. The server starts
6. (OPTIONAL) If installing COMSOL Server, open "http://localhost:2036" and login with the COMSOL Server user account and password
NOTE: If the user and password do not match, run "<COMSOL Installation directory>/setup"
and select "Add/remove components and reinstall", then recreate administrative user
7. Enjoy!
Cracked by TeAM SolidSQUAD-SSQ