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Holy Mole-y

6.02 x 1023 atoms or molecules = 1 mole
Answer each of the following questions using dimensional analysis. Show your
work. Remember significant figures!
Mole → gram conversions
1.) How many moles are contained in 102.0 g of water (H2O) ?
2.) How many moles are in 15.0 g of Fe(NO3)3 ?
3.) Calculate the mass in grams of 4.23 moles of carbon.
Mole → atom/molecule/formula unit conversions
4.) How many atoms of lithium are contained in 6.22 moles of lithium?
5.) How many molecules are in 0.00130 moles of SO3 ?
6.) How many moles are contained in 9.20 x 1029 formula units of Al(NO3)3 ?
Grams → atoms/molecules/formula units
7.) How many atoms are equivalent to 4.25 g of beryllium?
8.) How many grams are in 4.29 x 1023 formula units of KBr?
All Mixed Up
9.) How many atoms are in 2.45 moles of aluminum?
10.) How many formula units are in 37.75 g of NaOH?
11.) How many moles are in 2.1115 x 1030 formula units of AgCl?
12.) What is the mass in grams of 8.87 x 1022 atoms of Neon gas?