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It’s Dera and now I will give you the guidelines for today’s speaking class
STEP 1. Listen carefully to the dialogue that will be provided during the class
STEP 2. Answer the following questions!
1) Where does this news program take place?
a) In a city market place
b) At a shopping center
c) At a local school
2) How does the young girl, Elizabeth, celebrate this holiday with her family?
a) They visit close relatives
b) They go out to eat at a restaurant
c) They go to see a movie
3) What does Johnny and his family eat on this day?
a) Turkey
b) Chicken
c) Ham
4) Steven feels that Christmas is a time when people…
a) Exchange gifts with friends, family, and teachers
b) Think of others without waiting for a gift in return
c) Receiving gifts without giving any
5) The final girl says that the best thing about Christmas is…
a) Sleeping late everyday
b) Receiving presents from classmates
c) Having a vacation from school
STEP 3. Pronunciation check! Let’s repeat the dialogue!
STEP 4. Now I will assign you to separate breakout rooms with your partner
STEP 5. Start a conversation by explaining a special holiday that you celebrate and how do
you celebrate it!
I will join your breakout room too! So, make sure you have a good conversation with each
If you have any difficulties in understanding some words please take a note and don’t hesitate
to ask me about it