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Full name : Nguyen Tuan Thanh
My name is Nguyen Tuan Thanh. Having studied at Viet Duc High school for
three years, I am about to graduate within a few months. Therefore, like many
other students who are in their final year at school, I’ve been facing lots of
career choices. Luckily, after participating in a couple of professional
orientation classes held by my school, as well as considering my strengths and
interests, I found myself relatively into studying Information Technology.
Nowadays, we are living in the era of Industrial Revolution 4.0 defined by a
boom in number applications of cutting-edge technology using in various
industrial fields. Through researching, I’ve learnt that although the economy of
Vietnam has grown significantly over the past decades, it still depends greatly
on the manufacturing and exporting products such as apparel, clothing,
processed foods and, indeed, traditional agricultural activities. Meanwhile,
Vietnam’s high-tech industries have yet to be developed enough to catch up
with those of rising countries like India, Japan, Singapore, etc. To a certain
extent, it has resulted in Vietnamese workers and employees’ low workproductivity and quality. This reality can be attributed to a host of reasons, but
mainly due to the shortage of human resources and the insufficient competency
of programmers in the field of technology. Therefore, I decided to study and
devote to I.T as a way to contribute to the prosperity of our country into and to
realize my dream - to become a well-qualified developer.
Thanks to the teacher's advice and self-learned information via the internet, I
found University of Science and Technology of Hanoi as the most suitable
school for my goals. The school not only focuses on broadening students’
knowledge but also provides opportunities for students to practice in
professional environment to acquire valuable experience both during the course
and post-graduation. What is more important, the option of studying entirely in
English will also help improving students’ communication skills and their
command of at least a foreign language, which is an indispensable tool for
anybody about to step into a brave new world. If i have chane to persue higher
education at University of Science and Technology of Hanoi, i will devote time
and effort to study, try my best to be a diligent and enthusiastic student and
contributed to achievement of school.