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Patriotism is a way in which someone has feelings towards their country. A true patriot
must protect the rights of all the people who live in the United States. Eleanor Roosevelt says,
"true patriotism springs from a belief in the dignity of the individual, freedom and equality".
Eleanor is right, by not having freedom and equality you are not going to care for your
homeland. Few people today know what the term means. A true patriot cares for the well-being
of their country. A patriot courageously opposes those who seek to undermine the guiding
principles on which America has thrived off of. A real patriot is someone who speaks up when
they see something is wrong and needs to be changed, defends their country through the good
and the bad decisions, and someone who is not afraid to support their country's colors.
Having patriotism is something most people feel when it comes to there country which
they live in. Showing support for your country can be as simple as waving your country flag,
saying your national anthem, and supporting the military, which people sacrifice their lives to
keep your country free and safe. There is so much that goes into patriotism and the first lady
Eleanor Roosevelt shows that in her quote. My family has patriotism we support or presidents
decisions. We embrace the flag and what it stands for, we put our hand over our heart and recite
the national anthem to show we support our country and all the great things that our country has
accomplished over the years.
Being a patriot is not just someone who can show support for their country by waving a
flag, reciting their national anthem, or even showing up to vote. A patriot is also someone who is
not afraid to have their voice heard and make a change when something is wrong and needs to be
fixed. Rosa Parks for example is a patriot. Rosa Parks was not afraid to have a voice heard, she
was a black woman who boycotted a bus because she simply could not sit in the white section
because she was black. Rosa Parks was a person just like you and me, she was no different than
us. She got her voice heard and was not afraid to make a change. People everywhere, white or
black, looks up to her because of what she did, and how she changed the system. Rosa Parks is
the definition of a true patriot.
Rosa Parks is not the only example of a true patriot, there are many people who are, such
as people in the Armed Forces. These people are the true definition of what is means to be a
patriot. They put their lives on the line every time they step out on the battlefield to protect their
country and the people they love. They fight to keep us free and safe. They embrace our country
colors on their uniforms. This is what patriotism is all about, showing how much you love our
country by fighting for it. They make our country what it is today, free. They seek the principles
of what our country has thrived off of, they fight when something is wrong, and most of all they
defend our country.
There are many ways for someone to be a true patriot. But in my book to be a true patriot
you have to be someone who is willing to love and support your country and not to be afraid to
speak up when something is not right, this is what a true patriot looks like.