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Bell Ringers for Business English

Bell Ringers for Business English
9-22 Why would integrity be valuable to an employer?
9-23 What team skills are helpful at school? In the workplace?
9-24 Why are self-representation skills important in school? On the job?
9-25 What does diversity awareness mean? Why would employers value it?
9-28 What sort of conflicts might arise in the workplace? How would you handle one of these
9-29 How do you demonstrate independence and initiative at school? What about at work?
9-30 What are some potential consequences of having poor oral communication skills?
10-1 What writing skills do you need to improve? What resources are available to help you?
10-2 What are some examples of problem-solving and decision-making methods, and how are they alike
and different?
10-5 What are some personal health goals you have?
Short term; Medium term; Long term
10-6 Why is it important to know what your role is in your family, your circle of friends, your school, and
other groups or communities?
10-7 How can you continue to learn after you are finished with school?
10-8 If you had to find a job, what are five things you would do immediately?
10-9 What is the relationship between attendance at school or work and ethical behavior? Between
attendance and professionalism? Between attendance and time management?
10-12 fall break
10-13 Why is mathematics considered a communication skill?
10-14 What does having a positive attitude mean in terms of work behavior?
10-15 What technology would you need to be familiar with to enter the workforce as a
Financial Planner or CPA
Early Childhood Educator
10-16 What basic level of computer literacy is required for the world of work?
10-19 How can you protect your privacy and personal safety while using computer technology?
10-20 When (or with whom) is it appropriate to use the following telecommunication devices?
Text Messages