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Genetics starter

Genetics recap:
Match Terms and their definitions.
25: One of two or more versions of a
Z: Allele: 25
1: A particular Variant of a phenotypic
A: Genetic Variation:______
2: Variation in DNA sequences. Results in
different forms of genes.
B: Chromosomes: _______
3: Found in the nucleus of the cell, these
structures are made up of tightly coiled
C: Meiosis:________
D: Mitosis:__________
E: Genotype:________
F: Phenotype:_______
G: Mutation:_________
4: type of cell division in sexuallyreproducing organisms used to produce the
gametes, such as sperm or egg cells.
Results in four cells with only one copy of
each chromosome.
5: Type of cell division that results in two
identical cells, the number of chromosomes
are maintained.
6: The genetic makeup of an individual.
H: Heterozygous:_________
I: DNA:_________
7: The appearance of the organism
(physical expression of the genotype.)
8: A change in the DNA sequence.
J: Traits:________
9: Each chromosome contains a different
allele for the gene (one dominant and one
10: A self-replicating material which is
present in nearly all living organisms. It is
the carrier of genetic information.