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A Rose Quartz Gemstone : Meaning And Benefits

A Rose Quartz Gemstone :
Meaning And Benefits
Meaning Of Rose Quartz
As the name indicates, Rose Quartz Gemstone is a pink stone and
also known as a “Stone Of Love.” It is a most energetic stone and
its meanings are warmth, love and compassion. Normally, it is
related to the heart . You just place it under your pillow,it will
help to face the problems. Its color is slightly pink to intense pink
because of the presence of titanium, iron, manganese. It sourced
from South Africa, Australia, Brazil, India and Germany.
Benefits Of Rose Quartz
 As it is the stone of the heart, it is beneficial for organ
 Used to improve blood circulation.
 Also helps to remove stress or calm anxiety.
 It gives courage and increases self growth.
 Rose Quartz is a very happy and loving stone.
 It is very beneficial for your skin which removes
wrinkles and improves elasticity of your skin.
Benefits Of Rose Quartz
 It protects the wearer from disappointment and pain.
 Useful to treat menstrual pain,thrombosis,heart attacks and
skin problems.
 Best Gemstone during the pregnancy. Helps to improve the
health of mother and child as labor Pain, milk production.
Our Gemstone Sculpture Carved In
Rose Quartz
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