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worksheet july 13

A proportion is an equation of two ratios which can also be expressed as two fractions.
Using ratios in proportions
When using ratios in a proportion, a double colon serves as a separator. Double colon shows equality
between the two ratios. In the example previously given, the ratio of pads with the tablets is 1:20, then
2 pads have 40 tablets.
In proportion, it is written as:
1 pad : 20 tablets :: 2 pads : 40 tablets
or 1:20 :: 2:40
Go marathon using ratios in proportions! On the second example, there are 5 nurses for every 35
patients and the ratio is 5:35. We can therefore say that there are 10 nurses for 70 patients.
In a proportion, we can express the comparison as:
5 nurses : 35 patients :: 10 nurses :: 70 patients
or 5:35 :: 10:70
Using fractions in proportions A proportion that can be expressed using ratios can also be expressed
using fractions. Let’s refer to the examples given before. 1 pad has 20 tablets which means that 2 pads
have 40 tablets. Using fractions, we can write the proportion as:
5/35 10/70 5 nurses
Enjoy using fractions in proportions There are 5 nurses for every 35 patients which equals to 10 nurses
for 70 patients. We can express this in fraction as: