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Focus Topics for Midterm- MKTG 2101

MKTG 2101- Consumer Buying Behaviour
Chapter 1- An Introduction to Consumer Behaviour
• What is consumer behaviour and its importance
• Understand consumer behaviour as a process and issues that
arise from consumer & marketer’s perspective.
• Consumer behaviour study’s impact on marketing strategy (4Ps)
• Segmenting consumers by using demographic, geographic,
psychographic, behaviour response factors and segmenting by
relationship marketing.
• Meaning of consumption
Chapter 2- Perception
Difference between sensation and perception
Perceptual process
Sensory marketing and its importance
Strategies that marketers use to appeal to each of the 5 senses.
Sensory Threshold
 Absolute threshold
 Just noticeable difference
• Weber’s law and its application in marketing
• Attention- strategies used to cut through the clutter.
• Interpretation & Positioning.
Chapter 4- Motivation and Affect
• What is consumer motivation and consumer motivation process
• Motivational Strength
 Drive theory
 Expectancy theory
• Motivational Direction
• Motivational Conflicts
• Specific needs and buying behaviour
 Biogenic needs
 Psychogenic needs
• Consumer level of involvement and many faces of involvement
• FCB Product Involvement Grid
Chapter 6- Personality, Lifestyles and Values
Trait theory of personality
Why understanding consumer traits are useful for marketers
Brand personality and importance of creating brand personality.
Importance of conducting a psychographic analysis beyond
demographic analysis.
• Lifestyle dimensions- AIOs
• Understand that every culture has a set of core values that it
imparts to its members.