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How to choose the high-density fiber optic patch panel

How to choose the high-density fiber optic patch panel
The fiber optic patch panel help manage the termination of optical fiber cables. It is
mainly used for the cross-connection of optical cables, management of optical fiber
jumpers, and the integration of optical fiber fusion splicing, optical fiber terminals,
optical fiber adapters and cable connectors.
The optical fiber distribution box has many specifications, the common ones are rack
type and wall box type. The 19-inch standard rack type, in U or RU as the unit, refers
to the height of the equipment to be installed in the rack, and usually has a size of 1RU,
2RU, 4RU. It has a slide-out and sliding drawer design, which not only allows flexibly
cabling but also protects optical fibers. It is an ideal cabling management solution for
data centers.
When the requirement of fiber high-density increases, how to effectively manage and
organize a large number of patch cords becomes extremely important. A good fiber
distribution box will need to have the function of easy management of patch cord
HYC’s uniquely designed high-density fiber patch panel is suitable for standard 19" rack
installation. It adopts environmentally friendly, high-strength lightweight materials
and excellent surface treatment technology. Each layer is an independent drawer type
plug-in cassette controlled by smart spring cotter achieve easy inserting and pulling.
Independent cable management frame design at the rear of the panel is easy for fixing
the trunk cable. The redundant trunk cable ensure the cassette move properly. And a
clear and organized panel pocket label convenient for independent label printing and
The optical fiber distribution box will take up valuable cabinet space. How to design a
space-saving distribution box without affecting the organization and management of
the optical fiber system is of great significance. This fiber optic patch panel can be
uploaded with maximum LC connecting and cabling. 1U can be loaded with 6 pcs
cassettes with 144-core LC or 72-core SC connectors, 2U can be loaded with 12 pcs
cassettes with 288-core LC or 144-core SC connectors, 4U can be loaded with 24 pcs
cassettes with 576-cores Or 288 core SC connectors. The connections in the cassette
can be customized according to application requirements, such as MPO-LC, PLC-LC,
WDM-LC, etc.
The fiber optic patch panel is an important equipment in the optical network
transmission process, which can effectively achieve the termination, protection and
management of the optical cable. HYC based in china focuses on development and
production of optical passive devices, and strive to offer a variety of customized fiber
optic patch panels according to customer's requirements. HYC has 20 years of
experience in the optical communications industry, has a strong R&D team and
manufacturing capabilities, and can provide customers with one-stop production
customization services. The product line includes optical fiber connectors, optical fiber
jumpers, PLC optical splitters, and WDM Wavelength division multiplexer, MEMS
optical switch, etc.