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Cortec’s VpCI Technology to prevent and remove rust

Rust is the biggest reason for equipment failures. Corrosion on
equipment or machinery has lead to many serious accidents in
the past. It is a big reason for huge losses, labor costs in the
This is where Cortec® comes in the picture by bringing
effective corrosion prevention solutions. Cortec® does not only
help the industries prevent corrosion but helps remove rust
from already corroded equipment, machinery, or any kind of
metal surfaces.
Traditional methods like abrasive grinding and sandblasting are
the usual ways to restore rusty metal surfaces or were the
usual ways. Now with Cortec®, there are better plans,
systems, solutions, and products available to choose from.
Cortec’s Rust removal solutions are better and safer than most
rust removal chemicals in the market due to the features like
lower acidity and quick drying time.
These rust remover are bio-based and easy to use. They are
great products to have at all times for quick touchups of any
rusty spots.
VpCI® based Rust converter and primers are recommended to
use on all ferrous metal surfaces to provide effective corrosion
protection services. It is also a great alternative to
In the presence of one of the most challenging corrosion
environments on earth, Cortec® has been helping industries
with corrosion protection. The goal is to preserve key assets
beyond their expected lifetimes.
End result of using the products, it leaves a shiny surface
providing long-term corrosion protection to the metal surfaces.
Cortec® VpCI® Technology provides solutions for both rust
removal and rust prevention. Visit our website to learn more
about our solutions in detail.
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