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How drugs affect the brain version B

How drugs affect the brain version B
Instructions: After you have finished watching How do drugs affect the brain video, answer the
following questions to the best of your ability. For questions 1-3, write 2-3 complete sentences
to answer each question. Questions 4-5 are multiple-choice. Highlight the correct answer with
the highlight feature. Questions 6-8 require a short constructed response.
1. Which method of drug use is the quickest way for a drug to reach the
bloodstream? Explain why.
2. The quickest way for a drug to reach the bloodstream is injections since it
is in the bloodstream
2. Which method of drug use is the slowest way for a drug to reach the
bloodstream? Explain why.
The slowest way for a drug that can go in the bloodstream is taking the drug
orally since the digestive system has to break down the medicine and let it in the
3. What is the function of the blood-brain barrier?
To block the blood from the brain so harmful chemicals can't reach it.
4. Complete the sentence: “Synapses are structures ________, and allow the
exchange of electrochemical signals between neurons.
A. Placed on the sending neuron
B. Placed on the receiving neuron
C. Of interconnection between sending and receiving neuron
5. How can a neurotransmitter modulate synaptic transmission?
A. By increasing the activity of the receiving neuron
B. By inhibiting the activity of the receiving neuron
C. Both a and b
6. List the neurotransmitters that were mentioned in the video. What are the roles
of these chemicals? ( Hint 4 neurotransmitters are mentioned in the video)
1 serotonin.
A neurotransmitter that modulates moods
Which regulates energy and awareness
How drugs affect the brain version B
Inhabit neural state
Dopamine caused pleasure and reward with perception.
Write 3-4 complete sentences to answer questions 6 and 7.
7. Is it good or bad for our health to use substances which bypass a natural
defense mechanism, such as the blood-brain barrier? What happens in the
It is good since it can help with anything that is more powerful such as a
superbug. Now medicine can cure diseases that would have killed many people.
Medicine can affect the blood barrier by blocking chemicals that are needed
8. Given the complex effect that a single drug can have on different
neurotransmitters, try to imagine the consequences resulting from the interaction
of multiple drugs. What would be the effects on the brain and body? Explain.
The effects on the body will be drastic and can interfere with the normal functions
of the body.
9. Why is it important to protect your nervous system as a teenager. Why should
you remain drug-free? How does drug abuse affect your loved ones?
It is important to protect the nervous system as a teenager. Since the drug can
rewire the brain and affect how people behave. The drugs can be taken orally or
inhaled or even injected. Teens should be drug-free since all drugs have a special
chemical composition that is allowed to get through the barrier and into the brain.
Drugs usually interfere with the functions of the brain by targeting its web of
neurons and synapses. The drugs can affect thinking, behavior and how they
reacted to it.