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G7 - Uni 2 - Correct the spelling errors & Unit 4 Vocab

Find the spelling error
1. Instruction: Find the misspelled words and underline them. Write them again with their correct spelling.
Last week, I went to the zoo. I saw some elephants, four giraffes, many parrots and three monkeys. It was a very hot
day. The sun was so hot and so bright My mom said it was very important to bring my hat with to protect my face from
the sun. The monkeys were so funny. They were copying everything that I was doing. When I lifted my arm, they lifted
their arms too. When I frowned, they frowned too. It was hilarious! We were given some snacks to feed the monkeys,
but we had to be careful when we fed them, as monkeys are more dangerous than we think they are. When we saw the
elephants, they were being washed. They were splashing about in the water and spraying the water everywhere. It
looked like they were enjoying themselves so much. There was also a baby elephant. It was so cute! I wish I could have
played in the water with them, but elephants are very big and heavy animals, so it would be very dangerous to swim
with them.
1. __________________________
8. __________________________
2. __________________________
9. __________________________
3. __________________________
10. __________________________
4. __________________________
11. __________________________
5. __________________________
12. __________________________
6. __________________________
13. __________________________
7. __________________________
14. __________________________
15. __________________________
Unit 4: Vocab review
2. Instruction: Fill in the blanks. Use the words in the box.
1. Jessica’s house is so ____________, they don’t have any sunlight coming through their windows because there
are tall buildings surrounding their house.
2. Jeremy is so lucky, there is no karaoke in his street. His street is so nice and ______________ at night.
3. My bed is so ____________________, I could lie in it all day.
4. My neighbor has such a ______________ house, I don’t know how his tall dad fits through the doorway.
5. Patrick’s house is very ___________________, it looks like a dinosaur house.
6. My mom likes to wake me up in the mornings by opening my curtains. I hate it when she does that because the
light is so __________________ in my eyes.
7. It is so nice and _______________ in this room, we don’t even need to use the air conditioner.
8. Philip’s dad makes the lounge so ______________, he lights a fire in there every night.
9. I think Fiona has the most ____________________ house out of all of us, it is so modern.
10. Bronwyn’s kitchen is so ________________, they had to get a lamp for it.
11. You’re so lucky that your bedroom is so ________________, it’s because it gets so much afternoon sunlight.
12. Sarah’s house has massive front windows, so it is always so ______________ inside.