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Rough Draft Procedural MLA Format

Your Name
Instructor Name
Course Number
Insert your context paragraph here. Make sure your context/introductory paragraph
explains what you are writing about, why it is important/why people want to learn how to do it,
and why you may be qualified to write about it. It should also give me a sense of who your
audience is. I am including an example context paragraph below this one.
Popcorn balls are tasty treats that pop in the fall of every year. My family enjoys popcorn
balls in October as a Halloween custom, and then again at Christmastime, when we gather as a
family to snack while wrapping gifts. Popcorn balls are delicious little desserts that are fun and
easy to make.
Notice that the paragraph above has all of the elements I mentioned previously. We
know that this how-to essay is about making popcorn balls. We know that this kid probably
knows his/her stuff, because popcorn balls are part of a family tradition every year. That family
tradition also makes popcorn balls an important, memorable event for this student. We also get
a sense of the audience this student is writing for-someone who wants to make a yummy,
easy-to-make treat.
You may or may not decided to include the following sections in your paper:
Materials or Ingredients
1. Write the steps of your procedure here. Include pictures that you have had Ms. Angela
take to help illustrate your point. If you are using images from the computer, make sure
they are public domain images (not copyrighted), and include your sources!