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Directions: Circle the choice that best completes the sentence or answers the
1. P. 2- Why was Evan hanging out in the basement at the beginning of the
a. He was hiding from his mom.
b. It was too hot to be outside.
c. He was mad at Scott.
d. He was sad that summer was almost over.
2. Which sentence shows that Jessie was not good at understanding people
and emotions?
a. The least she could do for him was clean the junk off the table.
b. Jessie rested the book on her stomach and stared at the ceiling.
c. She would do just about anything to get Evan back to the way he
was before the letter.
d. This last part was a problem, because Jessie knew that she often
thought people were nice and they turned out to be not so nice.
3. P. 34- What can the reader infer from the statement, “That kid is a
a. Evan is lazy,
b. Jessie stinks and needs to take a bath.
c. Mom got sweaty trying to move the broken air conditioner.
d. Scott is untrustworthy.
4. p. 25- Why did Evan and Scott not invite Jessie to participate in their
lemonade stand?
a. She is too smart.
b. She is too young.
c. She is too pretty.
d. She is a smart aleck.
5. p. 31- How is Evan like his mother?
a. He is smart.
b. He can ride a bike.
c. He understands people.
d. He likes math.
6. p. 41-58- What is the main idea of Chapter 4?
a. Jessie forms a partnership in order to make a friend.
b. Evan and Jessie experience a breakup when they get into a fight.
c. Jessie and Megan get together to sell lemonade.
d. Jessie teaches Evan that location is the key to lots of sales.
7. p. 63-64- Why do Evan and Jessie try not to fight in front of their mom?
a. She doesn’t like yelling.
b. It makes Mom mad, she hits the fruit bowl, and fruit flies go
c. She doesn’t like the kids goofing around.
d. They made a promise not to make her sad.
8. p. 61- The sentence ‘The words felt like disgusting spiders running out of
his mouth’ are an example of which literary device?
a. Alliteration
b. Compound sentence
c. Simile
d. Theme
9. p. 71- 73- The WHJB shows the reader that the girls in Jessie’s class are
a. hateful
c. thoughtful
b. kind
d. surprised
10.p. 77- Which items are not examples of value-added?
a. Nail polish
c. Pretzels
b. Chips
d. Snacks
11. p. 89-91
Because Evan makes pictures to understand math, the reader
can tell that
a. He likes dollar signs.
b. He is a good artist.
c. He has a hard time understanding math.
d. He could do fifth grade math.
12. p. 98-99
The sentence that shows why Officer Ken bought the last cup
of lemonade from Evan that day is
a. “I’ve got a little sister too.”
b. “The law’s the law.”
c. “Now clean up your things and don’t leave any litter behind.”
d. “I’ll buy the last glass of lemonade.”
13. The following are characteristics of Jessie except
a. stubborn
b. smart
c. funny
d. unkind
14. p. 142- Which definition represents the correct use of the word ‘fireworks’
on this page?
a. shiny, shooting flames in the sky
b. an explosion inside the cooler
c. a fight between the parents
d. an argument between the kids
15. p. 146- In the sentence “Evan walked slowly, dragging the wagon with the
empty cooler rattling inside,” the reader can tell that Evan
a. is angry because he ran out of lemonade
b. is frustrated due to the lack of sales that day
c. is sick and tired on the summer heat
d. is disappointed he will lose the war
16. The following are not fears of Jessie’s going into fourth grade except
a. her height
b. her nose
c. her clothes
d. her friends
17. Who stole the money?
a. Ryan
b. Kevin
c. Scott
d. Malik
18. p. 172 “The rain came down with the fury and impatience of a two-year –
old having a tantrum” is an example of which literary element:
a. alliteration
b. metaphor
c. paragraph
d. capital
19. What will most likely happen when Evan & Jessie begin school?
a. Jessie will make money being Evan’s tutor.
b. Evan will be ashamed for Jessie to see how stupid he is.
c. Jessie will try to act invisible so she won’t embarrass Evan.
d. Evan and Jessie will help each other out like they do at home.
20. A theme for this book could be
a. It never pays to move your location.
b. The best way to make your brother mad is by calling him
c. Relationships are more important than being right.
d. Always listen to your mother.