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What is LWDM (Lan Wavelength Division Multiplexing)

What is LWDM (Lan Wavelength Division Multiplexing)
There are CWDM(coarse wavelength division multiplexing),DWDM(dense
wavelength division multiplexing),and newly MWDM,LWDM in 5G WDM bearer
solutions. MWDM and LWDM are two kinds of WDM proposals presented by
China Mobile and China Telecom. MWDM reuses the first 6 waves of CWDM,
compresses the wavelength interval to 7nm, and expands it to 12 waves
with a 3.5nm offset.
And LWDM is based on the Ethernet channel wavelength division
multiplexing Lan-WDM technology, also known as dense wavelength
division multiplexing. Its channel interval is 200~800GHz, this range
is between DWDM (100GHz, 50GHz) and CWDM (about 3THz). LWDM uses 12
wavelengths in the O-band range from 1269nm to 1332nm, with a
wavelength interval of 4nm (Wavelengths including 1269.23, 1273.54,
1277.89, 1282.26, 1286.66, 1291.1, 1295.56, 1300.05, 1304.58, 1309.14,
1313.73 , 1318.35nm).
The characteristic of LWDM working wavelength is that it is located
near zero dispersion, with small dispersion and good stability. At the
same time, LWDM can support 12-wave 25G to increase the capacity and
save fiber.
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