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Financial aid while studying in Finland

Financial aid while studying in Finland
Again related to the financial topic. Anyway, this is a problem a lot of you are
interested in so even though I have said a few times about the types of
scholarships or support during the study in Finland, I decided to write a separate
post to emphasize.
Suppose you have 6000 euros for the first year of study but do not know
whether the second year has money or not. The possibility of applying for a
part-time job is also not very high because you are in a city with not many
opportunities. In this case, going to school or an internship is a solution for your
second year.
What you need to do is that right from the moment you choose the applicable
school or as soon as you go to Finland to study, you have to dig through the
school's website, read all the information possible in English to get some of the
benefits you have. can be obtained as a student of the school. When you arrive,
you will usually have a student ID to access the campus system, where more
information may be available.
Here's how I did it to plan my second year from year one. As a result, I worked
part-time for a while, went to Denmark to study summer exchange for more
than a month, went to Korea for 4 months, returned to Vietnam twice in 6
months, went back to Finland to do an internship and graduate.
Summer school
Some Finnish universities offer scholarships to students who go to summer
school, often learning a foreign language. This money is enough to pay for
courses and accommodation for 1-2 months. So you can consider, this is both an
opportunity to learn a foreign language, to travel, and have money to support.
Exchange school
Depending on where you want to go and the time, the amount of support will
range from 1500-3000 euros. Exchange studies are usually the second year, but
you must apply right from the second semester of the first year. Another point is
that before you go, you should complete as many subjects of the program as
possible because that will help you to worry less.
If you want more support, you can find a partner school for scholarships for
students from the school you are attending. So the total amount received will be
quite good. When I went to Korea, this school gave me 2000 euros and the
Korean school gave me a scholarship of 2000 dollars. So 4 months I have quite
a lot of money. But remember, you will lose money on travel and new life
Get high scores and learn more credits
Each school also often has scholarships to encourage bright students of the
faculties for one year. If you got a lot of 5 points and got a lot of credits,
chances are you can apply for this HB. The amount is not much but also about
500-1000 euros. However, this is more difficult than the previous two types of
HB because very few.
Internship in Finland or abroad
Finnish universities also support students for internships at home and abroad.
When you know you have been accepted for an internship or when you are
looking for an internship and apply season comes, you must immediately apply
to school. So whether you have an internship or not, you still have a certain
amount of money. When I interned in Finland, the salary per month is 1200
euros for 3 months mainly paid by the school and only a small part of the
At Aalto School, some faculties have a summer internship program (Finance,
Computer science) 3-4 months as a research assistant, and the salary is 2,000
euros per month (not paying much tax). So just 3 months is enough money for 1
year of study later. To receive it is not easy, but the opportunity still must be
In a nutshell, the ideal total amount you can get from these grants can exceed
6000 euros for the second year. However, keep in mind, when you have a lot of
money, people often spend more. plus travel expenses. My case is a sad
example of not knowing how to manage money: ((So remember that having
money and adjusting cash flow is extremely important in your study abroad life.