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Zombie! Poetry Digital Escape Room

SBAC Zombie Digital
Poetry Escape Room
Do Now - 5 points
We have now studied a number of poems, but what do
you remember about poetry?
1. Make a list of the terms, skills, and anything else you
remember learning about
(Hint: figurative language, poetry terms like stanza,
the theme or tone of a certain poem you liked)
Today we will review rhyme scheme, voltas, theme,
figurative language, and how to write a R.A.C.E.
paragraph constructed response for poetry by
escaping from the zombies!
Zombie! Poetry Digital Escape Room Intro
You will be assigned a
group. Join your group
quickly and move your
desks together so
everyone can see one
computer and one
Go to: Google
Classroom and click the
link under SBAC
Preparation for
Zombie! Poetry Digital
Escape Room
You have the rest of the period to
defeat the ZOMBIES
Finished Early?
Now is your chance to make up any of the SBAC
practice questions you missed
Annie John Summary
School Year Argument
Legends Time and Memory Analysis
Italy Analysis
How did you do? Did you beat the zombies?
How do you feel about poetry if you get a multiple
choice question or a constructed response on