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Think of some of the teachers you have had in the past. You have had a mix of teachers you
thought were good and teachers you thought were bad. Then write two paragraphs. One will
focus on a good teacher (or teachers), and the other will focus on a bad teacher or teachers.
Look through the organizational strategies above and decide which ones to use. Use one
strategy for one paragraph and another strategy for the second. In each case, highlight the
topic sentence. Make sure your paragraphs clearly show why the teachers were good or bad.
Good teachers
I have had my fair share of good teachers and bad teachers and let me tell
you they were interesting! to me all teachers at one point are good. My
favorite good teacher would be my creative writing teacher from Ripley Mrs.
Atkinson. Although I struggle with punctuation and sometimes
capitalization, she did not mind she showed me how to correct the mistakes
I made and gave me easy topics rather than hard. To me a good teacher is
one who is always positive and is just there to help like a teacher should and
yes you Mrs. Elfline are one of the good teachers because with your
awesome comments and positivity I feel I can do anything which makes me
try harder and when I struggle your always there to help. A good teacher is a
teacher who makes sure the students understand the work does not give
less work as some say good teachers do not give as much work. How would
u be learning anything then?
Bad teachers
Now I don’t really label teachers because at the end of the day even if there
not the best there still trying to help you pass so u can make something of
yourself in life but to me my pick for worst teacher would be my second
grade teacher Mrs. Booten she did her best to explain the work and with me
even if u explain it well, I'm still going to need help cause I'm slow ok! But
what makes her a bad teacher to me is when I would not understand
something and need help, she would not help and say, “read the
instructions there on the board”! Now yes, they are on the board do I
understand them? No! And yes, as you would guess I failed that class for
sure. To me when a kid is struggling if you are not doing anything anyways
you can help them.