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Animal world

Animal worldThere is much type of animalsBig animals, small animals, very small animals
Some hop, some are good runners, some animals walk with
hind limbs, some crawl, some have 4 legs some have no legs.
Insects have 6 legs and crawl like ant, beetle, lice
They live in different places and categorized asTerrestrial – on land
 Mammals- cow, buffalo, dog
 Insects- ant, lady bug, cockroach
 Reptiles- lizard, snake crocodile
Aerial animals- that fly in air
Butterfly, birds, housefly
They have wings to fly.
Butterfly and wasp have 2 pair of wings.
Housefly have one pair of wings .
Bat is a mammal who flies.
Aquatic animals – live in water
Fish, octopus, sea horse
The fish breathe through gills.
Whale is a mammal lives in water.
Animals that live both on land and waterExample frog, duck, crocodile
Some animals make their own house to live or have
house naturallyOwl- tree lion- den- snake - hole
Bird makes nest, rabbit makes burrow
For some animals we make their houseCow- shed, hen – coop, horse- stable
Penguins, kiwi are birds but don’t fly as have weak
They use their wings for swimming.
Duck, penguin, tortoise have webbed feet, which helps
them to stay in snow. They don’t feel cold. They push
the water with it.
Animals move from one place to another1. in search of food and water
2. in search of shelter
3. To protect from enemies
Animal worldCircle odd one out and give reasonZebra, giraffe, water, lion
Horse, zebra, coop, cheetah
Kiwi, Ostrich, Penguin, Eagle
Tree, cave, burrow, stable
Ant, crocodile, bird, tortoise
Name the houses we make for
Two big animalsTallest animalVery small animalsName 2 Animals that live on landName 2 Animals that live in waterThose animals that fly are calledThose animals that live on land are calledThose animals that live in water are calledThe animals that live both on land and waterName 2 animals who are good runnersName 2 animals who hopName 2 animals that have legs but crawl-
---------------- lives in the shade of the tree.
A mammal that can flyA mammal that lives in waterReptile that crawls and has legsReptile that has no legsAn animal with no legs and
Farmer’s friendAnimals with 4 legsAnimals that walk with their
2 hind limbsInsects that have 6 legs
To walk or crawlThey have one pair of wings to fly----------------has neither legs nor wings.
These have 2 pairs of wing to flyFish swim in water with their ------------Turtle swims with the help of -----------Ducks and frogs pushes the water with their ----------------------------------Animal that lives in treeAnimals like ------------------and ------------- walk with their hind limbs.
Choose the correct word from the bracket and fill in the blanksa) Fish swims in water with the help of its ( fins / webbed feet)
b) Penguins use their wings for( flying / swimming)
c) Movement of organisms from one place to another is called ( Habitat /
d) Animals like apes and bears can walk with their two ( wings/ hind limbs)
e) Ducks swim by ( pushing /pulling) the water with their webbed feet.
f) Habitat means ( place to live, behaviour)
Why penguins cannot fly?
Why animals move from one place to another ?