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Year 8 History Aztec Empire Lesson 1 Worksheet Slide 1 - 8

Year 8 History Aztec Empire
Week 6 Reasons for Spanish Conquest of the Americas / The fall of the Aztec Empire
Week 6 Lesson 1: Lesson Objectives
• Describe why the Spanish arrived at the Aztec Empire
Week 6 Lesson 2:
• Explain how the Spanish conquered the Aztecs
Week 6 Homework:
• Compose a diary entry about the Fall of the Aztecs
Bell Work Starter:
Describe what you think is
happening in the picture: What can
toy see? What is strange or odd?
Extension Slide 3: Your check of prior knowledge from Year 7: So how did the Spanish End
up in Mexico? What were European Nations doing while the Aztecs were busy sacrificing
humans for their Gods?
Who were the Spanish Conquistadors?
Who was this man?
What was his motivation for sailing
to Central America?
Where was he before he decided
to go and explore the Aztec
Slide 5: How many men and ships did Cortes sail with?
Do you think Cortes had enough people to go and attack the Aztec Army?
Slide 6: What did Cortes do to the ships when they finally reached land?
Why did he do this?
Plenary Check: Summarise why the Spanish arrived at the Aztec Empire:
Why did Hernan Cortes insist on going to explore the Aztec Empire: What did he keep
hearing that made he wanted to go on this unknown journey: