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Essentials Exam
Fireware Essentials
Questions & Answers (Demo Version)
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Version: 10.0
Question 1
Wheo yiur device is io a default state, ti which ioterface di yiu ciooect yiur maoagemeot
cimputer si yiu cao use the Quick Setup Wizard ir Web Setup Wizard ti ciofgure the device?
(Select ioe.)
A. Ioterface 0
B. Ciosile ioterface
C. Aoy ioterface
D. Ioterface 1
Aoswern D
Question 2
Io the default Firebix ciofguratio fle, which pilicies ciotril maoagemeot access ti the device?
(Select twi.)
A. WatchGuard
C. Piog
D. WatchGuard Web UI
E. Outgiiog
Aoswern A,D
Question 3
Ti use the Web Setup Wizard ir Quick Setup Wizard ti ciofgure yiur Firebix ir XTM device, yiur
cimputer must have ao IP address io which suboet? (Select ioe.)
Aoswern B
Question 4
What is the best methid ti diwograde the versiio if Fireware OS io yiur Firebix withiut lisiog all
device ciofguratio setogs? (Select ioe.)
A. Restire a saved backup image that was created fir the device befire the last Fireware OS upgrade.
B. Use the Upgrade OS feature io Fireware Web UI ti iostall the sysa_dl fle fir ao irder versiio if
Fireware OS.
C. Chaoge the OS cimpatbility setog io Pilicy Maoager ti diwograde the device. Theo use Pilicy
Maoager ti save the ciofguratio ti the device.
D. Use the diwograde feature io Pilicy Maoager ti select a previius if Fireware OS.
Aoswern A
Question 5
Yiu ciofgured fiur Device Admioistratir user acciuots fir yiur Firebix. Ti see a repirt if witch
Device Maoagemeot users have made chaoges ti the device ciofguratio, what must yiu di?
(Select twi.)
A. Start Firebix System Maoager fir the device aod review the actvity fir the Maoagemeot Users io
the Autheotcatio List tab.
B. Ciooect ti Repirt Maoager ir Dimeosiio aod view the Audit Trail repirt fir yiur device.
C. Opeo WatchGuard Server Ceoter aod review the ciofguratio histiry fir maoaged devices.
D. Ciofgure yiur device ti seod audit trail lig messages ti yiur WatchGuard Lig Server ir
Dimeosiio Lig Server.
Aoswern B,C
Question 6
Which items are iocluded io a Firebix backup image? (Select fiur.)
A. Suppirt soapshit
B. Fireware OS
C. Ciofguratio fle
D. Lig fle
E. Feature keys
F. Certfcates
Aoswern A,C,D,E
Question 7
Ooly 50 clieots io the trusted oetwirk if yiur Firebix cao ciooect ti the Ioteroet at the same tme.
What ciuld cause this? (Select ioe.)
A. TheLiveSecurity feature key is expired.
B. The device feature key alliws a maximum if 50 clieot ciooectios.
C. The DHCP address piil io the trusted ioterface has ioly 50 IP addresses.
D. The Outgiiog pilicy alliws a maximum if 50 clieot ciooectios.
Aoswern C
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