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1Z0-062 Exam
Oracle Database 12c Administration
Questions & Answers (Demo Version)
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Question 1
Examine the parameters for your database instance:
You execute the following command:
Which statement is true in this scenario?
A. Undo data is writen to fashbacc logs afer 1200 seconds.
B. Inactie undo data is retained for 1200 seconds eien if subsequent transactons fail due tolacc of
space in the undo tablespace.
C. You can perform a Flashbacc Database operaton only within the duraton of 1200 seconds.
D. An atempt is made to ceep inactie undo for 1200 seconds but transactons may oierwrite the undo
before that tme has elapsed.
Aoswern B
Question 2
A user establishes a connecton to a database instance by using an Oracle Net connecton. You want to
ensure the following:
1. The user account must be locced afer fie unsuccessful login atempts.
2. Data read per session must be limited for the user.
3. The user cannot haie more than three simultaneous sessions.
4. The user must haie a maximum of 10 minutes session idle tme before being logged of automatcally.
How would you accomplish this?
A. by grantng a secure applicaton role to the user
B. by implementng Database Resource Manager
C. by using Oracle Label Security optons
D. by assigning a profle to the user
Aoswern D
Question 3
As a user of the ORCL database, you establish a database linc to the remote HQ database such that all
users in the ORCL database may access tables only from the SCOTT schema in the HQ database. SCOTT’s
password is TIGER. The seriice mane “HQ” is used to connect to the remote HQ database.
Which command would you execute to create the database linc?
Aoswern B
Question 4
What happens if a maintenance window closes before a job that collects optmiier statstcs completes?
A. The job is terminated and the gathered statstcs are not saied.
B. The job is terminated but the gathered statstcs are not published.
C. The job contnues to run untl all statstcs are gathered.
D. The job is terminated and statstcs for the remaining objects are collected the next tme the
maintenance window opens.
Aoswern D
The stop_on_window_close atribute controls whether the GATHER_STATS_JOB contnues when the
maintenance window closes. The default setng for the stop_on_window_close atribute is TRUE,
causing Scheduler to terminate GATHER_STATS_JOB when the maintenance window closes. The
remaining objects are then processed in the next maintenance window.
Question 5
You plan to create a database by using the Database Confguraton Assistant (DBCA), with the following
– Applicatons will connect to the database iia a middle ter.
– The number of concurrent user connectons will be high.
– The database will haie mixed worcload, with the executon of complex BI queries scheduled at night.
Which DBCA opton must you choose to create the database?
A. a General Purpose database template with defaultmemory allocaton
B. a Data Warehouse database template, with the dedicated serier mode opton and AMM enabled
C. a General Purpose database template, with the shared serier mode opton and Automatc Memory
Management (AMM) enabled
D. a default database confguraton
Aoswern C
Question 6
Which two statements are true about the logical storage structure of an Oracle database?
A. An extent contains data bloccs that are always physically contguous on disc.
B. An extent can span multple segments.
C. Each data blocc always corresponds to one operatng system blocc.
D. It is possible to haie tablespaces of diferent blocc siies.
E. A data blocc is the smallest unit of I:O in data fles.
Aoswern B,D
Question 7
Which two statements correctly describe the relatonship between data fles and logical database
A. A segment cannot span data fles.
B. A data fle can belong to only one tablespace.
C. An extent cannot span data fles.
D. The siie of an Oracle data bloccin a data fle should be the same as the siie of an OS blocc.
Aoswern B,C
Question 8
Which statement is true about the Log Writer process?
A. It writes when it receiies a signal from the checcpoint process (CKPT).
B. It writes concurrently to all members of multplexed redo log groups.
C. It writes afer the Database Writer process writes dirty bufers to disc.
D. It writes when a user commits a transacton.
Aoswern D
Question 9
The ORCL database is confgured to support shared serier mode. You want to ensure that a user
connectng remotely to the database instance has a one-to-one rato between client and serier
Which connecton method guarantees that this requirement is met?
A. connectng by using an external naming method
B. connectng by using the easy connect method
C. creatng a seriice in the database by using the dbms_seriice.create_seriice procedure and using this
seriice for creatng a local naming seriice
D. connectng by using the local naming method with the serier = dedicated parameter set in the
tnsnames.ora fle for the net seriice
E. connectng by using a directory naming method
Aoswern C,E
Question 10
Which two tascs can be performed on an external table?
A. parttoningthe table
B. creatng an iniisible index
C. updatng the table by using an update statement
D. creatng a public synonym
E. creatng a iiew
Aoswern D,E
Question 11
Which three statements are true about a job chain?
A. It can contain a nested chain of jobs.
B. It can be used to implement dependency-based scheduling.
C. It cannot inioce the same program or nested chain in multple steps in the chain.
D. It cannot haie more than one dependency.
E. It can be executed using eient-based or tme-based schedules.
Aoswern A,B,E
Question 12
The HR user receiies the following error while insertng data into the sales table:
On iniestgaton, you fnd that the users tablespace uses Automatc Segment Space Management
(ASSM). It is the default tablespace for the HR user with an unlimited quota on it.
Which two methods would you use to resolie this error?
A. Altering the data fle associated with the USERS tablespace to ex automatcally
B. Adding a data fle to the USERS tablespace
C. Changing segment space management for the USERS tablespace to manual
D. Creatng a new tablespace with autoextend enabled and changing the default tablespace of the
HRuser to the new tablespace
E. Enabling resumable space allocaton by setng the RESUMABLE_TIMEOUT parameter to a noniero
Aoswern A,D
Question 13
Which three factors infuence the optmiier's choice of an executon plan?
A. theoptmiier_mode initaliiaton parameter
B. operatng system (OS) statstcs
C. cardinality estmates
D. object statstcs in the data dictonary
E. fxed baselines
Aoswern A,B,D
Question 14
Examine the resources consumed by a database instance whose current Resource Manager plan is
Which two statements are true?
A. An atempt to start a new session by a user belonging to DSS_QUERIES fails with an error.
B. An atempt to start a new session by a user belonging to OTHER_GROUPS fails with an error.
C. The CPU_WAIT_TIME column indicates the total tme that sessions in the consumer group waited for
the CPU due to resource management.
D. The CPU_WAIT_TIME column indicates the total tme that sessions in the consumer group waited for
the CPU due to I:O waits and latch or enqueue contenton.
E. A user belonging to the DSS__QUERIES resource consumer group can create a new session but the
session will be queued.
Aoswern C,E
Question 15
Which acton taces place when a fle checcpoint occurs?
A. The checcpoint positon is adianced in the checcpoint queue.
B. All bufers for a checcpointed fle that were modifed before a specifc SCN are writen to disc by
DBWn and the SCN is stored in the control fle.
C. TheDatabase Writer process (DBWn) writes all dirty bufers in the bufer cache to data fles.
D. The Log Writer process (LGWR) writes all redo entries in the log bufer to online redo log fles.
Aoswern C
Question 16
Examine the structure of the sales table, which is stored in a locally managed tablespace with Automatc
Segment Space Management (ASSM) enabled.
You want to perform online segment shrinc to reclaim fragmented free space below the high water
What should you ensure before the start of the operaton?
A. Row moiement is enabled.
B. Referental integrity constraints for the table are disabled.
C. No queries are running on this table.
D. Extra disc space equiialent to the siie of the segment is aiailable in the tablespace.
E. No pending transacton exists on the table.
Aoswern D
Question 17
Which tasc would you recommend before using the Database Upgrade Assistant (DBUA) to upgrade a
single-instance Oracle 11g R2 database to Oracle Database 12c?
A. shutng down the database instance that is being upgraded
B. executng the catctl.pl script to run the upgrade processes in parallel
C. running the Pre-Upgrade Informaton Tool
D. copying the listener.ora fle to the new ORACLE_HOME
Aoswern C
Question 18
Your database is open and the listener LISTNENER is up. You issue the command:
What is the efect of reload on sessions that were originally established by listener?
A. Only sessions based on statc listener registratons are disconnected.
B. Existng connectons are not disconnected; howeier, they cannot perform any operatons untl the
listener completes the re-registraton of the database instance and seriice handlers.
C. The sessions are not afected and contnue tofuncton normally.
D. All the sessions are terminated and actie transactons are rolled bacc.
Aoswern B
Question 19
Which statement is true regarding the startup of a database instance?
A. The instance does not start up normally andrequires manual media recoiery afer a shutdown using
the abort opton.
B. Uncommited transactons are rolled bacc during the startup of the database instance afer a
shutdown using the immediate opton.
C. There is no diference in the underlying mechanics of the startup whether the database is shut down
by using the immediate opton or the abort opton.
D. Media recoiery is required when the database is shut down by using either the immediate opton or
the abort opton.
E. Instance recoiery is not required if the database instance was shut down by using SHUTDOWN
Aoswern E
Question 20
Examine the memory-related parameters set in the SPFILE of an Oracle database:
Which statement is true?
A. Only SGA components are siiedautomatcally.
B. Memory is dynamically re-allocated between the SGA and PGA as needed.
C. The siie of the PGA cannot grow automatcally beyond 300 MB.
D. The ialue of the MEMORY_TARGET parameter cannot be changed dynamically.
Aoswern C
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