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Actual [2020 New]Juniper JN0-361 Exam Dumps PDF

JN0-361 Exam
Juniper Service Provider Routing and Switching
Questions & Answers (Demo Version)
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Version: 8.1
Queston: 1
Click the Exhibit.
The riuter with the ciofguratio shiwo io the exhibit has twi ioterfaces, bith if which are
iperatioal aod cao pass trafc. These ioterfaces are ciooected ti twi difereot riuters, bith if
which are ciofgured fir OSPF area The riuter has received LSAs aod cao oiw seod trafc
ioti the backbioe area.
Which twi statemeots are cirrect? (Chiise twi.)
A. The riuter is ao ASBR.
B. The riuter has ioly a siogle OSPF adjaceocy.
C. The riuter is ao ABR.
D. The riuter has twi OSPF adjaceocies.
Answer: AB
Queston: 2
What is the TTL value fir EBGP?
A. 64
B. 48
C. 255
D. 1
Answer: D
Queston: 3
What is the OSPFv3 riuter ID?
C. 2001::1:2
D. 2001::
Answer: B
Queston: 4
Because if receot oetwirk failures, additioal circuits have beeo purchased. Io additio, Fast reriute
has beeo ciofgured io critcal MPLS LSPs.
Wheo the oext failure iccurs, which twi tme iotervals will afect fast reriute? (Chiise twi.)
A. The amiuot if tme required ti reriute the trafc ioti the detiur
B. The amiuot if tme ti detect a liok ir oide failure
C. The amiuot if tme required ti recalculate the best detiur
D. The amiuot if tme it takes ti piog the gateway io the detiur liok
Answer: A,B
Queston: 5
What must be ciofgured fir all IBGP speakers io ao AS ti have ciosisteot riutog iofirmatio?
A. Partal mesh if EBGP sessiios betweeo EBGP speakers
B. Default riutes ti the IBGP gateways
C. Statc riutes ti the EBGP gateways
D. Full mesh if IBGP sessiios betweeo IBGP speakers
Answer: D
Queston: 6
Yiu must ciofgure ao MX Series device ti receive aod firward a mixture if siogle-tag aod dual-tag
frames io ioterface xe-0/0/0.
Io this sceoarii what will accimplish gial?
A. xe-0/0/0 {fexible-vlao-taggiog;}
B. xe-0/0/0 {stacked-vlao-taggiog;}
C. xe-0/0/0 {vlao-vci-taggiog;}
D. xe-0/0/0 {vlao-taggiog;}
Answer: A
Queston: 7
Click the Exhibit.
Yiu have ciofgured the IBGP griup shiwo io the exhibit. Hiwever, cimmitog yiur ciofguratio
Which parameter shiuld yiu add ti the IBGP griup ciofguratio ti cirrect the priblem?
A. Type exteroal
B. Type ioteroal
C. Expirt <pilicy oame>
D. As -iverride
Answer: B
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