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From Chapter 1 & 2
‫أدخل عنوان عملية النشر هنا‬
Course Title: Fundamentals of Database systems (IS2511)
Problem Statement
Specify all the relationships among the records of the database shown in Figure 1.2 (Chapter 1) (A
database that stores student and course information.)
Give examples of systems in which it may make sense to use traditional file processing instead of a
database approach.
If you were designing a Web-based system to make airline reservations and sell airline tickets, which
DBMS architecture would you choose from Section 2.5 (chapter# 2)? Why? Why would the other
architectures not be a good choice?
From Chapter 1 & 2
a. Centralized Architectures for DBMSs
b. Client/Server Architectures for DBMSs
Submission Deadline
Last date to submit assignment 30 September 2020 @ 01:00 PM.
Total Grade Points
Total grade points for assignment#1 is FIVE (05)