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Literary Exploration
Assignment Directions:
Select a poem or song lyrics connected with the theme of innocence or experience and
analyze the tone of the piece by looking at the author/composers use of imagery,
emotion, word choice, and punctuation. After reading and analyzing the lyrics, write a
letter at least one page in length asking the author/composer at least three questions
about the tone of their work. Explain to the author/ composer your ideas about their
tone, but ask them to let you know if you interpreted correctly. The questions should be
clear and logical using at least 3 to 5 direct examples from the selection.
Dear Ms. Katherine Lee Bates,
I am inspired by the lyrics you composed to the song that sums up my
experience as an American so well, “America the Beautiful.” I feel that the tone
you are trying to convey is one of honor for our country. Did I interpret correctly?
In my analysis of your lyrics I am puzzled by the line, “And crown thy good with
brotherhood…” I believe that the meaning would be a kind of plea to “God” to
reward those citizens who are “good” or innocent of guilt with “brotherhood” or
peace and unity within their community. I would be interested in knowing what
you meant by your word choice.
Assignment Guidelines:
Your submission should:
Be a letter at least one page in length
Incorporate at least three direct quotes from the poem or song
Explore at least three questions about the speaker’s tone as demonstrated by
the imagery, emotion, word choice or punctuation of their poem/song
Follow the correct conventions of grammar, spelling and punctuation
Submission Requirements:
Submit your article.
When submitting written assignments please remember to:
Submit the assignment(s) and your responses.
Proof-read for spelling, grammar, and punctuation.
Use complete sentence structure.
Paragraphs need to have minimum of six sentences.