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20209 IMI201H5F LEC9101 syllabus

IMI201H5F LEC9101
Fundamentals of Marketing
Course Outline - Fall 2020
Class Location & Time
Office Location
Office Hours
E-mail Address
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Wed, 05:00 PM - 07:00 PM
Daniel Goetz
Online and KN233
Tuesdays, 1pm - 3pm
Course Description
An introduction to the fundamentals of market definition, consumer behaviour, and the principal marketing functions: product line
development, pricing, distribution, promotion, salesforce management, advertising, research, and planning. [24L]
Prerequisite: ECO100Y5 (SSc)
Distribution Requirement: SSc
Course Objective
This course introduces students to the building blocks of marketing. During the course, students will learn the fundamentals
necessary to analyze and interpret the economic, psychological and socio-cultural aspects of the marketing environment. Students
will develop the quantitative and qualitative skills and the knowledge necessary to make well-reasoned decisions in both consumer
(B2C) and business-facing (B2B) markets.
By the end of the course, students will be able to:
1. Convey a comprehensive understanding of the theory and practice of marketing in B2C and B2B markets
2. Have a basic ability to analyze a marketing situation or opportunity, formulate market strategy, and develop and implement
a marketing plan
3. Illustrate the utilization of marketing concepts by consumers and businesses
Textbooks and Other Materials
MKTG, Fourth Canadian Edition by Lamb, Hair, McDaniel, Boivin, Gaudet, and Shearer
Publisher: Nelson Education Ltd., 2016
ISBN: 9780176854805
Assessment and Grading Policies
Due Date
Term Test
Take-home midterm
Group Project
Class Participation
Readings and Class Discussion
Final Exam
Cumulative exam
Please be advised that requests to round grades up will not be accommodated and can be considered an academic offense. The
grade earned by a student is the mark that will be entered into ACORN without exception.
Requirements and Criteria
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Term Project:
The purpose of this project is for you to apply the lessons learned in class to a marketing problem. You can choose between the
following two options:
1. Develop a complete marketing program for a new product or service of your choice, OR
2. Select a firm with which you are familiar (e.g., a former or current employer) or are willing to research, and use the
marketing concepts learned in this course to improve the operations of the business. You might decide to discuss the
addition of a new product or service offering by the firm, attempts to serve a new market segment, propose changes in
distribution channels, or other specific modificationsof the firms' marketing program.
The term project will be graded with attention paid to theevidence that you have comprehended the "fundamentals" of
marketing given in the text and lectures and can apply them to a real life situation. For example:
Identification of the central strategic problems.
Recommendations in terms of completeness and implmentation
Logical flow of analysis
Use of factual data - available or collected
Use of necessary and reasonable assumptions
Alternative formulation and evaluation
Overall presentation
You will present your work as a group in class during lecture 11 or 12. All members of your group are expected to present. After
the presentation, I will provide you with written feedback to incorpote into the final report, due on December 11. The report is
expected to be professional - please pay attention to layout, grammar, spelling, and make sure your graphs, charts and tables are
clearly labelled and help the reader comprehend your plan.
The marketing plan should be done in groups of 2-4 students, depending on enrollment. The final plan should be 15-18 pages
double spaced in 12 point font, including any tables and figures. A 2 page proposal listing the names of group members, the chosen
product/firm and a preliminary description of the focus of your analysis is due before reading week. Moreover, a progress report
describing your progress to date will be due on November 6. Extra office hours will be scheduled that week to allow you time with
me to discuss your project.
Grading for the group project will be as follows:
Final marketing plan - 22% of total grade
Final presentation - 15% of total grade
Project proposal - 2% of total grade
Project progress report - 1% of total grade
I strongly encourage you to aim at having a complete draft of the final write-up by the time of your presentation.Electronic
submission of the final write-up will be required. Electronic submissions are likely to be processed through Turnitin.com for the
detection of plagiarism. All submitted papers will be included as source documents in the Turnitin.com reference database solely
for the purpose of detecting plagiarism of such papers. The terms that apply to the University's use of the Turnitin.com service are
described on the Turnitin.com web site.
Team Work:
All members are graded jointly for the team project. As a result, good team work and participation by all is important for the
project. Fre-riding on teammates on this project is not acceptable. If one of your teammates does not contribute to the team, you are
encouraged to first talk to him/her as a group to notify him/her about his/her lack of contribution and that he/she needs to be more
involved in the project. If you are not satisfied with his/her response and subsequent involvement in the project, please contact me
(again as a group, not individually) as soon as possible. In case of an issue with a teammate, yo umust contact me by the end of the
10th week of classes. If necessary, I will talk to all involved and assess the situation. I reserve the right to adjust any individual
student's grade to a mark less than that given to the group as a whole. For example, in the situation in which no contribution has
been made, a mark of zero will be given. I may also ask all the team members to fill out a peer evaluation form.
Take-home midterm:
This will be a test consisting of multiple short answer and essay type questions, focused around one or two examples. You are
allowed to talk to your classmates and draw on whatever resources you wish when doing this midterm, but your answers must be
your own. This test is subject to the academic conduct policy detailed below.
Final Exam:
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This will be an open book test that covers material from the lectures and the textbook. The final exam will be held during the final
examination period. The final exam will be cumulative. The final exam will consist of multiple choice, short answer and essay type
Participation is worth 20% of your overall grade. Every week before class, you will be asked to submit a response to a marketing
survey posted on the course website, which will draw on material from the upcoming class. Each class several of you will be asked
to justify or explain your response. There is no correct answer, but you will be graded on the quality of your explanation.
In-class discussion and responses to questions posed during lectures also forms a key part of your participation grade. You do not
have to speak every class to earn a perfect grade, but what you do say should contribute to the discussion. The participation grade
breakdown is as follows:
Participation in weekly marketing polls - 10% of total grade
In-class participation and discussion - 10% of total grade
There may also periodically be in-class activities and assignments, which will also count towards your in-class participation grade.
Conduct of Class
Class sessions will consist of lectures and discussions. In order to get the most out of class sessions, it is important that you prepare
for class and actively participate in the discussions. Please make sure that you cover the required reading before coming to class.
Lecture slides will be posted after the actual lecture. You are expected to take your own notes during the class.
Disruptive or distracting behaviour will lead to a reduction in your participation grade, and you will be asked to leave the class.
Every session of the course will involve class discussion. We learn a great deal from each other by drawing on experiences,
viewpoints, and opinions which are unique to each individual. Class discussions are extremely important for effective learning. You
do not have to speak very frequently or in every class to contribute positively to the learning environment of the class. It is what
you say and how it contributes to the class discussion that matters, not how much you say or how often you say something! Some
of you may be uncomfortable speaking in a large group setting. However, presenting your views in a group discussion is an
essential management skill, and we can all benefit from practice. It will be my job to provide you an opportunity and an
environment in which you can contribute to a class discussion.
Procedures and Rules
Missed Test(s):
The following steps must be completed in order to be considered for academic accommodation for any missed test:
1. You must inform your professor in writing (e-mail is acceptable) within 24 hours of a test date/assignment due date of any
circumstances that prevent you from writing a test or submitting an assignment on time.
2. You must submit within 24 hours an online Petition for Academic Accommodation under:
3. Original supporting documentation (e.g. medical certificates, accident reports etc.) must be submitted within seven (7) days
from the date of the missed test or assignment date. Failure to submit appropriate documentation by the deadline will result
in a grade of zero on the test or assignment in question. False statements and/or documentation will be treated as academic
offences and handled accordingly.
In the case of illness, the required documentation is:
An original Verification of Student Illness or Injury (http://www.illnessverification.utoronto.ca/index.php) form must show that the
physician was consulted within one (1) day of the test or assignment due date. A statement merely confirming a report of illness
made by the student is not acceptable (e.g. "This patient tells me that he was feeling ill on that day"). Failure to comply with this
policy will result in a grade of zero for the test or assignment in question.
Please Note: If you missed your test/assignment deadline for a reason connected to your registered disability, please be advised that
the department will accept documentation supplied by the UTM AccessAbility Resource Centre.
In cases of severe domestic affliction or other causes not related to the student's health, the required documentation is:
Additional Documentation that provides evidence of the nature of the affliction. Note that holidays and pre-purchased plane tickets,
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family plans (unless critical, such as death of an immediate family member), your friend's wedding, lack of preparation, or too
many other tests are not acceptable excuses for missing a quiz, a test, or an item of course work.
Supporting documentation must be dropped off into the IMI drop box, located across from KN205 in DROP BOX #10.
The Committee will contact you after the submission of your petition to obtain any additional documentation that may be required
to assess your case fully.
Please note that the written explanation and documentation that you submit represent an appeal from you, requesting the
opportunity to account for that portion of your grade in an alternate manner than the normal one that is described in this course
outline. If an appeal is not received by the deadline specified above, or if the appeal is deemed unacceptable, you will receive a
grade of zero for the item you missed.
Once all documentation has been received, the Petition for Academic Accommodation will be reviewed by the Departmental
Petition Review Committee. Students will be informed of the Committee's decision via email within two (2) weeks. Please note
that students are required to submit their assignments as soon as they are able and they should NOT wait for the decision of the
If the appeal is granted -- that is, your reason for missing the item is considered acceptable by the Departmental Petition Review
Committee -- then, provided you have followed the alternate procedure described below, this work will receive a grade.
Students MAY NOT petition to re-write a test once the test has begun. If you are feeling ill, you must leave the room before
starting your test and seek medical attention immediately. As described above, you must have a physician fill out a UTM Student
Medical Certificate, and submit it along with an online Petition for Academic Accommodation into the IMI DROP BOX #10,
located across from KN205, within one (1) week of the missed test.
Subject to the submission of proper documentation and Petition for Academic Accommodation approval, the weight of the takehome midterm in the final grade will be reallocated onto the group project and the final exam. A student who misses the take-home
midterm for approved reasons will have their group project weighted at 40% and the final exam weighted at 50%.
If a test is missed and the student does not provide acceptable documentation validating the explanation for absence, a grade of zero
will be assigned.
If missed tests will be reweighted to the final exam, the maximum weight of the final cannot exceed the limit outlined in the
University of Toronto Mississauga Academic Calendar (70% for first year courses and 80% for second, third, and fourth year
courses). If the exam will be greater than the allowable weight, a make-up assignment or test will be assigned by the instructor. If a
make-up is necessary, instructors will inform the student in writing to their utoronto email account. If no response is received within
3 business days, the make-up portion will receive a grade of zero.
Late Assignment(s):
There will be a 10% penalty per day if the final report associated with the group project is handed in after the deadline. The project
must be handed in within two days of the deadline or a grade of zero will be assigned. Take-home midterm exams handed in after
the deadline will be given a mark of zero.
If you anticipate missing an assignment deadline due to uncontrollable circumstances, you should contact the course instructor as
early as possible, but within at least 24 hours to explain the situation. As described above, you must submit a Petition for Academic
Accommodation, along with any additional documentation into the IMI DROP BOX #10, located across from KN205, within one
(1) week of the missed assignment deadline. The reallocation of grades, if any, for assignment deadlines missed for legitimate
reasons will be made at the discretion of the instructor.
The Department of Management Program Office, including all staff and faculty members, cannot and will not accept late
assignments for course instructors. Once an assignment deadline has passed, students must contact the course instructor to
coordinate the assignment submission (if the instructor will accept a late assignment).
Final Exams:
Students who cannot complete their final examination due to illness or other serious causes must file an online petition within 72
hours of the missed examination. Late petitions will NOT be considered. Students must also record their absence on ACORN on
the day of the missed exam or by the day after at the latest. Upon approval of a deferred exam request, a non-refundable fee of $70
is required for each examination approved.
Academic Misconduct:
Students should note that copying, plagiarizing, or other forms of academic misconduct will not be tolerated. Any student caught
engaging in such activities will be subject to academic discipline ranging from a mark of zero on the assignment, test or
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examination to dismissal from the university as outlined in the academic handbook. Any student abetting or otherwise assisting in
such misconduct will also be subject to academic penalties.
Normally, students will be required to submit their course essays to Turnitin.com for a review of textual similarity and detection of
possible plagiarism. In doing so, students will allow their essays to be included as source documents in the Turnitin.com reference
database, where they will be used solely for the purpose of detecting plagiarism. The terms that apply to the University's use of the
Turnitin.com service are described on the Turnitin.com web site.
Standard of Conduct in this Course:
Since this course is part of a degree designed to give you a broad understanding of the world of business, we aim to run the course
in a way which will be consistent with the world of business - where many of you will spend your working lives. We strive to
provide accurate information, quality materials and good service, consistent with our obligations to maintain the high academic
standards of the Department of Management at the University of Toronto Mississauga
In return we expect that you will conduct yourself in a way that prepares you for the world of work.
1. We start on time, so please do not arrive late and disrupt others.
2. Leaving class early is also disruptive to your colleagues and will not be permitted unless you have made prior arrangements
with the instructor.
3. Turn off your cell phone.
4. Keep up to date. Make sure that you know the class schedule. Check on the course web page for updates and posted
5. During the class, respect the learning opportunities of others. Don't distract others by chatting to your neighbour. Our
expectation is that you will not only contribute in class to your own learning, but also that of others.
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Course Schedule
Introduction to Marketing (Chapter 1)
The Field of Marketing and its Dynamic Environment (Chapters 2-3)
Marketing Research and Consumer Behaviour (Chapters 5-7)
Consumer Behaviour and Psychology (Readings)
Segmentation, Targeting and Positioning and Customer Relationship Management (Chapters 8-9)
Project proposal due Friday
Fall break, no class
Take home midterm due the following Monday
Developing and Managing Products and Brands (Chapters 10-12)
Pricing (Chapter 13)
Place, Promotion Part 1 (Chapter 14-16)
Project progess report due
Promotion Part 2 (Chapters 17-18)
Digital Marketing, In-Class Case Study
Project Presentations (First half)
Project Presentations (Second half)
Final Examination
Last Date to drop course from Academic Record and GPA is November 11, 2020.
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