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5 senses

Subject: KUW
Title: Five Senses
Plan (Methodology)
Date:- 17th Oct 16
Resources Assessment
Day 1 & 2:Warm up activity:-(whole class)
Show them a picture of girl without the body parts associated with
five senses that are eyes, nose, ears, tongue and hands, ask them
what’s missing? Record their responses. Tell the students that God
loves us and thinks we are all special; He gave us the ability to use our
five senses to help us explore the things around ourselves.
The students would have
been able to know five
senses through observations
and hands-on activities.
Students would have learnt
that we have five senses in
which to explore our world.
Introduction:- ( whole class)
Read the book Your Five Senses by Bobbi Katz.
Explain to the children that we have five senses: seeing, hearing,
feeling, tasting and smelling. Today, we will discuss the sense of sight
by playing a game called “What’s Missing?”
Lay five different objects in front of the children for them to observe
with their eyes. Discuss how each object looks.
Then, lay a sheet or towel over the five objects. Tell the children to
close their eyes, while you remove one object.
Remove the sheet and tell them to look at the remaining objects and
guess what is missing.
Replace missing item, cover all five objects again, have children close
their eyes and then remove another object. Continue until all five
objects have been removed one at a time. There will always be four
items to observe.
Ask: Could we play this game if we did not have the sense of sight?
Introduce the sense of hearing.
Tell the children to close their eyes and sit in silence for one minute.
Then, have the children discuss the things that they could hear. Next,
play Sound Bingo Make a recording of different sounds that the
children will be familiar with - a dog barking, a door closing, bells,
ve different
objects to
(these can be
objects like a
box of crayons,
a block, etc.)
audio recording
of various
sound effects
six small plastic
should be the
same size and
should not be
objects to put in
the containers:
sand in two
pennies in two
cotton balls in
two containers
three socks,
each filled with
a different
Students will
be assessed
on their ability
to explore the five
senses through
observations and
drums, etc. Then give a student a bingo card with picture of the
different sounds on it. Play a sound and have the students cover the
picture that goes with it.
Introducing the sense of smell:-.
Explain that today; we will use our nose to observe several smells.
Prepare four cups with one of each of the following: first cup with a
piece of peppermint (add a few drops of water in order to enhance
the smell), second cup with cinnamon, third cup with some Hershey’s
chocolate, fourth cup with half of a lemon.
Cover each cup with aluminium foil and poke a few holes in the top.
Pass each cup (one at a time) and allow the children to smell and try
to guess what they think the smell is.
After each cup, remove the foil and show the children what made the
smell. Continue until all the cups have been passed. Discuss for a few
minutes about good and bad smells.
Ask: what sense did we use to guess what was in each cup?
Introducing the sense of taste:Review the senses of sight, sound, touch, and smell. Explain that
today we will taste three edible white substances.
As the children taste each item, have them try to guess what each
item is. (Prepare for each child a very small portion of salt, sugar, and
After each child has tasted each item, discuss what each white
substance is and when would we use it when we are cooking.
Ask: what sense did we use to guess what was on our plate?
Main Task:-(small groups
Sorting activity and booklet
The students are going to sort out the given objects according to the
object — for
cookie cutter
wooden block
four plastic
cups, each
containing an
object with a
distinct smell —
for example:
peppermint oil,
candy, or
crushed fresh
cinnamon stick
chocolate syrup
half a lemon
Your Five
Senses by Bobbi
5 senses into their respective baskets,then they are going to make a
booklets with pictures belonging to 5 sesnses
Sorting activity and booklet
Wrap up:-_
Sing the following song.
I Have Five Senses (to the tune of B-I-N-G-O)
I have five senses. Yes, I do.
I use them every day.
Taste, See, Hear, Smell, Touch
Taste, See, Hear, Smell, Touch
Taste, See, Hear, Smell, Touch
God gave them all to me!