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Academic integrity Essay

Academic integrity Essay
integrity means being honest, Academic integrity means being completely honest and ethical
with your research work. University of regina has a very strict policy under Students code of
conduct and right to appeal, academic integrity “requires students to be honest and responsible
in all learning environments' (University of Regina, 2019, pg. 41). Every student must
understand the study material and take responsibility for putting in the effort of doing their
research and completing assignments and exams themselves. The most important part is when
doing research and using the article or any journals or books- to give credit to the right person.
The student code of conduct states there are some sets of principles to be followed by every
student as follows :
1) Doing the work and exams without cheating, or having someone else do the work for
2) Giving credits to the authors where the idea or the quote was taken from.
3) Maintaining a statue of integrity throughout the course journey.
4) Taking the responsibility and holding self accountable for any actions and facing
consequences for mistakes.
(university of Regina, 2018)
Without citing the references the conduct that applies is “Plagiarism” , it comes with serious
consequences that any student would have to face if caught copying work of others and
intentionally not citing or even the act was unintentional the misconduct still stands.
There are some methods/strategies to use in order to avoid plagiarism or any type of
misconduct in that matter:
One would be learning and reading more and more about Plagiarism and what consists of
misconduct, the more you know regarding the actions and the results of certain behaviour the
more aware you can be to avoid that kind of conduct.
Second method I would use is time management: it is the most important part of a student's life,
managing time and planning events and work beforehand will save them from a lot of hassle.
Making a plan and noting down the tasks for the day and breaking them down into time limits
will make life easier and manageable and it also ensures that you give time to everything
according to the amount of work the assignment requires, and keeping in mind the time needed
to proof-read the material and citing the work to avoid Plagiarism.
Thirdly, learning to use resources available at hand. University itself provides all kinds of
support resources to help students with the citation and researching of work and how to use the
library or even with writing. Learning how to cite properly not only saves you from the
misconduct but also gives credit to the author and gives the readers a fair chance of looking
beyond the assignment.
So, Academic integrity is the most integral part of my journey, it helps a person develop a sense
of responsibility and awareness. Being ethical and honest with your work represents that all that
is taught in the course is understood and original moreover it avoids the chances of academic
dishonesty. All in all it is very important to withhold the law of academic integrity because there
are serious penalties for misconduct including reduction of grades, zero credit, loss of rewards,
required to discontinue or even expulsion.