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BA Political Science 2-B
Gender and Society
Assignment: Interview your mother or aunt, as well as your grandmother or an elderly
woman and ask them what they consider the most pressing problems of women, in
their generation. Also think about the pressing issues faced by women today.
A seventy-five year old woman named
Esther Manalang shared her story about
some pressing problems faced by
women in her generation. According to
her interview, most of the women are
opportunities, poor education, engaging
early marriage at the age of sixteen, and
lack of power in the government or in
other words, women in their generation
are underprivileged. Gender inequality
are rampant because people think that
only men should access the freedom to
all the opportunities and women must
only stay inside their houses and do all household affairs. But as time goes by,
women are gradually empowered to fight these gender-based unequal treatments.
Feminine movements slowly started to arise and overcome the struggles to be freed
from the pressing positions. She advised the younger generation to continue fighting
for the rights especially for women because she believes that men and women must
have equal opportunities in all aspects to enrich the gender equality as of today and
for the future.