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1. France is a land locked country.
2. Bulgaria shares border with black sea.
3. Mantle layer of the earth is most dense layer.
4. Brazil is the largest south american country.
5. Morocco is part of Europe.
1. The highest place on earth ?
2. The metal which form the core of earth?
3. Capital of Lakshadweep?
4. The yarlung zangbo river, in India known
5. The percentage of earth surface covered by
India is?
6. Which country was formally known as
7. Largest desert of Asia ?
8. Where is the deepest mine in the world
9. What is the saltiest lake in the world?
10. In which country there is no river?
11. Total countries in Asia?
12. Largest capital city of Europe?
13. Smallest country of Europe?
14. Most populous state in Europe?
15. India shares border with Afghanistan in
16. Ukraine shares border with which sea?
17. Toulouse is a city of which country?
18. Which mountain is a natural border
between France and Spain ?
19. Coimbra is a city in ?
20. Iceland is situated in which ocean?
21. Taiwan is situated on which sea?
22. Nearest country of Labrador sea ?
23. Total islands of Canada?
24. Border between India and Afghanistan
is known as?
25. Which bridge connects India to Sri