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IF CONDITIONALS الجمل الشرطية

IF CONDITIONALS ‫الجمل الشرطية‬
)‫)إن( أو )لو( أو )ا ذا‬
There are four (4) types of conditionals :
Type 0 :
If + present simple, present simple
If clause ‫جملة شرطية‬
result clause ‫جملة النتيجة‬
‫او جملة السبب‬
Eg: if you heat water, it boils.
- Facts which are generally true or scientific facts
‫حقائق بشكل عام او حقائق علمية‬
- Situations that are always true ‫الحاالت التي تبقى‬
‫صحيحة دائما‬
If can be re-placed by when or whenever.
If/ when/ whenever you heat water, it boils.
Type 1:
will + stem
If + present ________, _______ future may + stem
Can + stem
Eg: He can change the situation if they (appoint)
appoint him head of the department. (When the if
clause is not at
the beginning of the sentence the comma is deleted ‫ال‬
)‫تستعمل الفاصلة ان كانت الجملة الشرطية ليست في اول الجملة‬
- A possible situation in the future (possibility)
‫( وضع محتمل في المستقبل‬when we talk about
future situations we believe are possible)
Note :
When you find "or" in a sentence use type one (1).
Type 2:
If + past simple_______,_______ would + stem (
verb in infinitive)
Eg: The result would be different if we (work)
worked in better conditions.
- Hypothetical situations ‫الحاالت اإلفتراضية‬
- Imaginary situations ‫ الحاالت الخيالية‬: If I were a bird,
I would fly to USA ‫ لطرت ألمريكا‬،‫لو كنت طائرا‬
- Unrealistic situation in the present ‫وضع غير‬
‫واقعي في الحاضر‬
Type three (3):
If + past perfect ( had +p.p.v)_______,_______
would have + p.p.v
Eg: if they had given more importance to
education. They (be) would have elected.
- Regret ‫الندم‬, criticism‫النقد‬, or blame ‫لوم‬
- Unrealistic situation in the past. ‫وضع غير واقعي‬
‫في الماضي‬
‫) او جملة‬
( ‫ـ صياغة جملة شرطية من خالل جملة السبب‬2
Steps ‫الخطوات‬:
‫اـ تحديد نوع الشرط ويكون عن طريق زمن الفعل في جملة السبب او‬
:‫جملة النتيجة‬
Tenses in
Present simple
Present simple
Past simple
Type zero (0)
Type one (1)
Type two
Type three (3)
Eg : my English is bad because I don't practice enough
Present simple
type two (2)
present simple
‫ب ـ جملة السبب هي جملة الشرط‬
Eg : my English is bad because i don't practice enough
‫جملة السبب‬
If i practised enough, my English would not be bad.
Eg : I don't practice English, as a result, my English is
‫جملة السبب‬
‫جملة النتيجة‬
If i practised enough, my English wouldn't be bad
Type two (2)
‫ نعكس السلبي الى إيجابي و إيجابي الى سلبي في هاته الحاالت‬:‫مالحظة‬
positive # negative
Activity: complete sentence (b) so that it means the
same as sentence (a)
a. The company faced a serious financial crisis
consequently, it reduced the number of employees
b. If the company had not faced a serious financial
crisis; it wouldn't have reduced the number of
a. Companies don't apply the code of ethics
because authorities don't control them
b. If the authorities controlled companies, they
would apply the code of ethics
a. Students don't use their knowledge; therefore,
they find difficulties in real situations
b. If students used their knowledge, they would not
find difficulties in real situations.
a. Since the topic wasn't interesting, most pupils
didn't follow up
b. If the topic had been interesting, most of
pupils would have followed up.
a. You should focus on the required subjects or
you will lose a lot of grades
b. If you don't focus on the required, you will
lose a lot of grades