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case study 1 Robbery case

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The case study gives us important lessons that is in the form of a story of a robbery that takes
place in a bank in Hong Kong. As soon as the robbers entered the bank, they asked everybody
to be in their respective positions warned them that the money is of the government but the life
of the people is in their hands. This way they were able to change the people’s mind through
the concept of mind changing. Hearing this, everyone laid down. Then there was a lady who
laid on the table in an unfavourable position, the robbers were quick to react and correct her
that their intension is to only loot the money from the bank and not of hurting anybody. This
explains the concept here as being professional .The robbery happened and after returning
home one of the robbers (MBA trained) thought of counting those money but the other robber
then replied that they have looted a big amount which would require a lot of time to count so
its better to wait for the Tv news to tell them how much money has been robbed from the bank.
This thing come from experience when you know how your work can be simplified.
The most interesting part of the story is after the incident took place, the bank CEO told the
bank CGM to inform the police as soon as possible. The later replied the CEO why don’t they
take out $10 million from the bank for their personal benefit. This showed that they tried to
convert the situation according to their benefits. This shows that his happiness was more
important to him than his job.
As expected, the other day the tv news reported of $100 million being robbed from the bank.
The robbers were quick to find out that the money they had robbed was only $20 million, This
made them very angry and so they complained that the CEO and the CGM have taken all the
remaining $80 million. Thus, it looks like it is better to be educated than to be a thief.
The major concepts used in this story are as follows:
Mind Changing Concept- This concept meant here as to move the human brain in such a
direction that it comes in favour of our convenience. Now a days we can even see that
companies don’t make the most of the new opportunities but they make the most from the old
Being professional- This means one should do what he/ she is set out to do. The main focus
should be on the purpose of the work not the other different things.
Experience- Experience is the skill or knowledge that one gains by doing something. As it has
been said in the story that now a day’s experience is more important than paper qualifications
Swim with the tide -This means using the intellect according to one’s own advantage even if
in danger. As the CGM and the CEO took advantage of the situation and thought of
manipulating the situation for their own good.
Changing priority- This defines as the personal happiness that we get by doing any job.
Interest is important than the job as it is of no use doing a job that is not in the interest of the
Knowledge is worth as much as gold- It means grabbing the opportunity and daring to take
the risk. like what the CGM and the CEO did at that very moment. The CGM is smiling openly
because his profit is 80 million. Even if he cheats 70 million, he will be able to disappear
another 10 million dollars.
This story shows very clearly how many lessons can be learnt from a single incident. There is
ample amount of management lessons that can be learnt from this story.
The Mind changing concept which was used with context to the robbery incident gives
a great learning that how we can change the people, mind or their way of thinking. It is
different from manipulating as we only compel people to think according to our
convenience. This learning works great in the field of management as one needs to be
able to at least incline his customer towards the product offered by the company.
The second learning we get is to be professional in our work. Being professional helps
us in completing our work on time and it also show how committed or serious we are
while doing our work. A professional work place attitude and appearance allows
employees to take pride in their work and improve worker performance.
Experience can here be related to the work experience. It has become very important to
gain practical knowledge along with the theoretical knowledge. Many employers prefer
those candidates who have any hands-on experience in the field they are applying for.
This makes the employers work easier.
The next learning, we get from this case study is that we need to see how we can change
an unfavourable condition. The main lesson here is that we should not use unethical
method to turn things for our advantage but we can make use of the situation and come
up with a good solution that can be helpful for ourselves.
Knowledge is the spirit by which human beings understand life, and the right way to
live up with it. The phrase here as the knowledge is wort as much as gold gives us a
major learning that knowledge is the power. Without the knowledge, one has no means
to acquire the gold. Just as we saw from the case study that the CGM and CEO planned
to take out the remaining money in such away that they are anyway going to be
Example 1We can take the example of Nestle. Their product Maggie came in the news due to the excess
amount of lead in it. This caused the company to be in huge loss as Maggie was banned by
many states across India. But as soon as the company came back, they used the mind changing
concept of the product in their marketing strategy. They used the concept of relationship
between mother and the children and advertised the product as it is now healthier to consume
the product. This way without changing the product the company played with changing the
way of thinking and convinced them that there is no harm in consuming the product.
The same concept was used by the company of the product named “Fair and lovely “. With
increasing demand of banning the product the company came out with the solution of renaming
the product as “Glow and lovely”. Neither the ingredients of the product were changed nor the
product was banned from the market. Rather the marketing of the product was used to change
the minds of the people in the company’ s favour.
Example 2Google, Apple, Facebook are organizations that are highly professional in providing customer
related solutions. Also, Regulatory organisations like Reserve Bank of India, TRAI and
SEBI are such organizations that are highly professional in making decisions for the betterment
of the economy.