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JOB DESCRIPTION: MCH Communications Officer
PART A: General Information
Position title:
Communications Officer
Part-time (approx.20 hours per week)
Guideline salary:
$1,000 USD per month
This role can be performed working from home. However, for
candidates from Taiwan or Cambodia, we can offer office space
in Taipei or Phnom Penh.
Citizen/ permanent resident of one of MCH’s focus countries
(Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar, Taiwan, Thailand, Vietnam)
PART B: About Mekong Cultural Hub
Mekong Cultural Hub makes space for cultural practitioners to connect, co-create, learn
and exchange. Our vision is that collectively we will create, influence and transform the
cultural, social and environmental contexts of the Mekong Region.
Currently we work with around 50 individual practitioners on a regular basis through our
ongoing programs of Regional Representatives network, SEAD Fellowship and
Professional Exchange Programs. Our focus countries are Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar,
Taiwan, Thailand and Vietnam. We also work in South East Asia, and collaborate with
people with shared values and goals across Asia and internationally. Our partners
include Artists at Risk Connection (ARC), Asian Arts Management network, and British
Our work is to:
 Connect cultural and social practitioners and grow local and regional networks at
the intersection of arts and society
 Broker opportunities for co-creation and friendship between artists, curators,
cultural practitioners and social innovators
 Expand perspectives by sharing local knowledge and facilitating mutual learning
 Enable an environment of creative exchange inspired by shared values and
MCH is a subsidiary of Living Arts International, with a branch office in Taipei. We are a
young organization, founded at the end of 2017 and with most of our ongoing programs
starting in late 2018.
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PART C: Position overview
The Communications Officer is a new role in our team. The main activities of the role will
 Creating and sharing content on social media
 Creating and publishing content on our website (currently in re-development)
 Sending newsletters and mass mails, and
 Cross-promoting activities and achievements of our fellows and partners.
From time to time MCH hosts event-based programs, in which case the Comms Officer
would take a lead role in producing and sharing marketing and related event materials.
Because we work with people from across the Mekong Region and Taiwan, our working
language is English – and this is the main language we use for internal and external
communication and marketing. The vast majority of our networks do not have English as
their first language, so it is very important that our communications keep this in mind.
MCH always tries our best to be a friendly and supportive resource for our network, and it
is part of the Communication Officer’s job to co-create this kind of environment. We are a
small team (you would be working with 3 other colleagues) who loves what we do and
gets a lot of energy, inspiration and motivation from the practitioners we connect with
through our various fellowship, networking and professional development programs. We
hope our new colleague will feel the same!
PART D: Responsibilities
Open calls
MCH issues open calls for participation in programs around 3-5 times per year. The
Comms Officer will help to make sure these calls reach a wide network in our target
country, especially getting beyond the ‘usual suspects’. Responsibilities will include:
 Giving input into the open call materials (which will be created by the program
 Making sure the website is up to date with all the information about the
 Creating and managing a social media campaign to promote the opportunities
 Identifying and reaching out to partners and friends who can help to increase the
 Making sure we add contact details of applicants to our contact database so we
can let them know about future opportunities
Content updates
MCH would like to be more active in sharing stories about what happens in our programs,
as well as activities from our Fellows. Responsibilities of the Comms Officer will include:
 Creating short blog posts for our website (approx. 2-3 per month) about what we
have been up to
 Adding profiles of new Fellows/ Representatives/ network members to our
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Adding information and logos about new partners we are working with to our
Social media
MCH is currently active on facebook and Instagram but we would like to have better
content and make more use of these tools to serve our programs and our participants.
We would like the Comms Officer to:
Post 2-3 times per week on our social media channels
Keeping connected with Fellows and networks, so that we can help to promote
their achievements and events e.g. by sharing or interacting with their social
media posts
Use our social media and other communication channels to support information
sharing between our fellows and networks
Build up our followers so that when we do outreach we connect with more people
From time-to-time MCH organizes events. Sometimes these are small events e.g. hosting
an artist talk in our office or inviting a guest-list to a presentation by some Fellows.
Occasionally they might be larger, for example, we are planning a Meeting Point in Taipei
in May 2021. This will be a 2-day program, and we hope to have 80-100 people from
around Asia join. When we have events, the Comms Officer’s responsibilities would
 Designing marketing materials for the event (e.g. poster/flyer/main images/
 Making sure full information about the event is on our website
 Creating and implementing a marketing campaign for the event
 Supporting with design and production of materials for the event (e.g. program
book/leaflet, slide images)
 Coordinating with any partners that are involved in the event, to make sure their
information is correctly presented in our materials and that we have a joined-up
approach to promotion
 Attending the event if relevant (this might not be necessary for smaller events but
for something like the Meeting Point we would want the Comms Officer there)
o MCH would cover any costs involved with the Comms Officer attending
 Working with the Program team to make sure we have everything organized in
terms of photography, registration and other comms related items
 Grow MCH’s social media audiences and newsletter subscribers
 When you come across new potential Fellows or partners or useful resources
through your work, bring back that knowledge to share to the MCH team, fellows
and network
 Support MCH’s fellows and networks to connect with each other outside of MCH
 Help to raise awareness of MCH’s work with relevant (potential) partners and
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Work with external designers if needed (e.g. if we want to make a logo or design
for a specific program)
Giving guidance and recommendations to the other MCH team members about
communication, branding and marketing
Support with press relations
Keep track of our photos and images, and work with the program team to identify
what kinds of photos and documentation we should gather during programs
Supporting the program team with communications related tasks e.g. slide
presentation, bio profiles, or talking points
PART E: Required skills and experience
 Knowledge and involvement with arts and culture networks around Asia; it is
desirable if this includes the Mekong Region and Southeast Asia
 At least 3 years’ experience working in communications and/or marketing
 Creative and proactive
 Able to work well independently, and manage your own time to complete tasks/
 Good writer, able to make content for different platforms and audiences
 Experience working with websites
 Able to create and implement a campaign
 Excellent written English (it doesn’t need to be perfect but needs to be good
enough that you can easily work in English all the time and create professional
content in English)
 Intermediate design skills (you don’t need to be a designer but you need to be able
to comfortably create professional well-designed materials)
 Demonstrated interest in the aims of MCH e.g. leadership development, network
building and connecting arts and society
 Experience working in cross-cultural teams
PART F: Application
Please send:
 Your resume/ CV
 A writing sample in English (maximum 3 pages)
 2 examples of visual content you have been involved in producing
 Cover letter (maximum 2 pages) outlining your interest and experience for the
By email to: frances@mekongculturalhub.org
The writing sample doesn’t need to be long, and can be anything you think is relevant.
E.g. something you wrote for a website, or screenshots of a series of social media posts
you made, or something like a press release. Just choose something that you think will
give us a good idea of your style and skill.
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The examples of visual content could be something simple e.g. social media post, or a
more complex piece of design e.g. poster or annual report. Please include a note
explaining your role in the production of that content (e.g. working with external designer,
design yourself, program/concept for the campaign). We don’t expect the Comms Officer
to be a professional designer, we just want to get an idea of your experience with making
visual content.
Deadline for applications: October 17th 2020
Shortlisted candidates will be invited for interview during late October.
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