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Pie Fundraiser Agreement
Contact/Organization Information
Name of Organization: _____________________________________________________________________
Name of Contact: _________________________________________________________________________
Contact Phone #: _________________ Contact Email: ____________________________________________
Note: We can help you design Order Forms and Flyers and provide you with PDF files so you can print
them out on your own.
Name and address where forms should be delivered.
Name: __________________________________________________________________________________
Address line 1: ___________________________________________________________________________
Address line 2: ___________________________________________________________________________
City, State and zip: ________________________________________________________________________
Delivery of sold pies information – 100 ordered pies or more will be delivered, others will pick up pies at
Griggstown Farm Market. Exceptions based on location, date and quantity.
Address line 1: ___________________________________________________________________________
Address line 2: ___________________________________________________________________________
City, State and zip: ________________________________________________________________________
Requested date and time - Will finalize once contract is complete.
Date: _______________________ Time _______________
Estimated count of pies to be sold by type - due date _____________________
Due date is 15 business days before delivery date.
Final count of pies sold by type - due date _____________________
Due date is 10 business days before delivery date.
Terms and Conditions
Estimated and final count of pies sold must be provided as outlined above.
There is a minimum order of 100 pies for delivery to your location. Orders under 100 pies are picked up
at the Griggstown Farm Market at the pre-arranged date and time. Exceptions will be based on location,
date and quantity.
Our maximum delivery radius from Griggstown Farm is 30 miles. Anything beyond the 30 miles is
subject to fees based upon delivery, labor, and fuel.
Griggstown Farm Market will receive one check from the contact person or organization for the total of
the fundraising price at the time of delivery or pickup.
 Checks should be made out to “Griggstown Farm“.
 Fundraiser Pricing Only (Per Pie) - $10.66 for Fruit Pies, Pumpkin Pies and Sweet Potato Pies.
$11.75 for Pecan Pies.
$13.98 for Chicken, Turkey and Vegetarian Pot Pies.
$14.82 for Shepherd’s Pie.
Both parties agree after all terms are met, and the fundraiser has been fulfilled on the date specified,
pricing changes back to retail pricing for the coordinator and its participants. In order to receive
fundraiser pricing in the future, you must opt in for a new fundraiser.
All pies are frozen and must be kept frozen. Cooking directions are on the side of the pie box.
Available Pies:
 Fruit - Apple, Apple Crumb, Blueberry, Peach, Cherry and Strawberry Rhubarb
 *Seasonal Pies - Pecan, Sweet Potato, and Pumpkin.*
 Savory Pies - Chicken, Turkey, Vegetarian Pot Pies and Shepherd’s Pie
Please sign and date:
Contacts Signature
Returning this signed document constitutes your understanding
And agreement to the terms and conditions stated.