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My Research Methods

Cabrera 1
Aldair Cabrera
Sociological Perspectives
My research question is, how has this pandemic affected your employment? I believe
that there are many ways you can approach it when looking at the perspectives that we
discussed. It can more than likely overlap and fall into multiple sociological perspectives. I’d say
the two that I would probably focus it towards are economic change and social change. This is
because it really can be both In many different ways. Id try to have a macro view of it because
I’m trying to focus on everyone’s personal experiences in times like these and how it has
changed your life whether its permanently or even temporarily. If COVID was not contagious it
would be possible to visit people and have a one on one conversation on how it has changed
their lives.
I believe that it is economical because you are affected in the way that you spend
money and are more limited towards what you can do. A lot of your choices will be less about
entertainment and more about your fundamentals and what is important towards your
everyday living. In those regards it can be more personal. It becomes more social when you try
to see how your interactions with people will change as well and there will be a lot less of them.
This can be personal because it might even be permanent, and you might not be associated
with them any longer. Id choose those two perspectives because they fall hand in hand
together. I still think that the best way that you can explore this question is by performing some
sort of survey and a lot of people and collecting the data from them. I still think that the most
trouble I’m having with my question is trying to narrow It down and making it easier to
investigate. I think its difficult because I’m not really sure yet where to take it. I think that
maybe deciding what group of people I want to focus on will be the best way that I can try to
narrow it down a little. Sorry for the last time I turned it in I always copy my header from a
previous class and update it to my new assignment just to make sure that I have the right
format. In this case I forgot to change the professor name.