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062002 Compass Predator v5

Legendary MWD Systems You Can Trust
Evaluate productive zones with multiple frequency
propagation wave resistivity tool
Provides dual resistivity curves with depth
of investigation (DOI) of 14" shallow and
37" deep @ 10 Ohm-m using 2 KHz frequency
Provides wireline quality resistivity measurements
in real-time and recorded mode
Integrates with a Compass probe-based MWD
platform. The MWD platform powers the LL5
probe and pulses the high-quality resistivity
data to the surface.
Higher depth of investigation
Measures deep and shallow resistivity
Replacement of wireline laterolog
Available in 3 ¾", 4 ¾", 6 ½" collar sizes
200º C survival temperature
Lithium battery-operated tool
Best resistivity tool for water based and
conductive muds
Unaffected by polarization, eccentricity and
dielectric effects
Less borehole and environmental effects
Alerts drillers of approaching conductive bed
boundary in the horizontal pay zone.
Vertical resolution of 21.5" for deep and shallow
curves in resistive beds
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Legendary MWD Systems You Can Trust
Predator tool is ideal for resistive
beds and formations. Our LWD
experts will help you evaluate the
hydrocarbons in place, correlate
against the reservoir model and
guide well placement
Predator tool has one transmitter
with two guard electrodes on upper
side of transmitter and two guard
electrodes on the lower side
to focus the measure current
into the formation
Predator tool is preferred
in salty water based muds and
when mud resistivity is less
than formation resistivity
Geological and
petrophysical applications
• Determine which formations
are filled with water (good
conductors of electricity) and
those filled with hydrocarbons
(poor conductors of electricity)
• Estimates water and
hydrocarbon saturation
• Determines producibility
of the formation.
• Resistivity of flushed zone,
transition zone and uninvaded
zone can be calculated.
• High-resolution formation
resistivity (Rt) in deviated
wells and/or dipping beds
can be measured
Compass Mud Pulse Platform
Collar Sizes
96 mm or 3 3/4"
121 mm or 4-3/4"
165 mm or 6-1/2"
Real time as well as memory
Log Curves
2 Resistivity curves with 2 depths of investigation and
natural gamma ray. Option of Inclination & ROP.
(Rm) is less than the formation resistivities (Rt)
of interest. Works in vertical and horizontal wells.
The tool is not azimuthal, but will alert the DD to
an approaching conductive bed boundary when
in a horizontal pay zone.
Probe O.D.
1-7/8" used in monels and resistivity collar from
3-3/4" - 4-3/4". Fully retrievable sensor package.
Tool Power Source
High-performance lithium batteries
Max Temperature
150º C (302º F)
Depth of Investigation
@ 10 Ohm-m
Shallow 14"; Deep 37"
Vertical (Axial) Resolution
Preferred Mud
Salty WBM (Rm < Rt)
Borehole Effects
Small (< 10%)
Eccentricity Effects
Dielectric Effects
Cost-effective and high-quality results
• Enhance directional control alerting the directional driller to
an approaching conductive bed boundary when in a horizontal
pay zone
• Replacement of wireline laterolog, saves rig time by avoiding
wireline logging for resistivity
• Provides high quality resistivity data in real time and recorded
mode which enables geologists, petrophysict and drilling team
to take quick decisions while drilling
• Fully retrievable probe based resistivity tool, minimizes LIH cost
• Casing Shoe can be double
checked by resistivity
Compass Directional Guidance, Inc.
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