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A view on Current & Future evolution of Education

A view on Current & Future evolution of Education
Schools that refuse to
change, they don’t see
the changes that will
be dictated by the
Schools that get inspired
by Natural Schools and
attempt to move in that
direction with safe,
incremental steps
Schools that
implement best
available practices and
continuously improve
themselves as new
wisdom & practices
Schools that are
escaping issues of
traditional schools
but missing a
approach to
replace that with
Constrained by
fears/legacy (regulators,
educators, parents)
Covers a wide spectrum
from talking about
natural to actually
making significant
how much to progress?
How far to “push”
parents while remaining
Too much talk
(everybody loves to talk
about natural &
progressive education)
How to deliver?
How to avoid getting
lost in parent pleasing
Combining the utmost
respect for children’s
mental & emotional
thriving while being
passionately driven
towards future-fit
Working within the
natural constraints of
time, budget, space but
not fear or
The Opportunity
The world that young children will be facing in 15-20 years demands a radically different
education than today’s mainstream schools
A modified traditional education that seeks to progress incrementally helps, but is only a
temporary solution that is already behind the curve
What is required is a new definition of ​Natural Education​. This is an uncompromised redesign
of education based on best available practices globally and an objective of preparing children
to thrive in the future. By definition, as the world evolves, the Natural Education will have to
continuously evolve with new practices and new approaches.
The Challenge & Solution
Parents (and educators & regulators) sit on a very wide spectrum in terms of understanding
the future and the willingness to let go of past practices to embrace new, natural practices.
Therefore there will be a place for schools that go at a more moderate pace of progress
however these have to be firmly pointed towards Natural Education, and continuously moving
parents and educators towards that system otherwise schools risk getting stuck in the swamp
of offering piece-meal approaches & pleasing parents while not adequately preparing children
for life
We see the move to a future education system as consisting of two key parts:
○ Incubation of ​Natural Education​ systems. Uncompromisingly future fit and
continuously evolving. This will attract the leading edge of parents and educators and
also ​Inspire​ progressive schools by giving them a North Star to aim for
○ Progressive Education systems that build p
​ arallel programs​ (example International
School of Beijing). A Progressive Program and a Natural Program that allows parents
and educators to choose the pace of change they are ready to embrace. As the results
of the Natural Program become more evident there will be a rapid shift towards it by
the more conservative parents & educators
Date: Sep 27, 2020
Author: Mon Ecole Bilingual Montessori Nursery (www.instagram.com/monecole.me)