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Component 1-LAB

Jacob Kelly
Component 1-LAB
Client Brief Interpretation
Physical Requirements
The RC car holder has been requested to be able to withstand all weather conditions by the client.
Plastic could be a good material to be used because it is waterproof, and will keep the car safe from
water damage. It is also easy to work with and needs low maintenance. The downsides of using
plastic is under more extreme temperatures, it will not perform as well as other materials. The
likelihood is the cold weather will be less of a problem as it is unlikely the holder will used in extreme
cold weathers. The plastic can be reinforced and made stronger though. Aluminium could also be
used as it is strong and very light for its strength, eliminating weight as a problem. However, the
main downfall is this would make the product much more expensive. These two materials could be
used in conjunction to be strong.
The car also needs to be held off the ground so the wheels can’t move when the engine is started. 20
cm will be enough for this and to be able to work on the car while it is on the stand too. This
standing holding the car needs to hold the majority of the large weight of the car. This weight is not
specified but is less than 15kg. A strong material like aluminium will be needed for this. The size of
the holder needs to be not much more than 400 mm long, 260 mm wide and 200 mm high as these
are the dimensions of the car.
The car holder needs to look good, but this will depend on the client’s personal preference. The
client may want it look like the car. The materials used will affect how the aesthetics will look like.
For example, some materials like wood may be harder to change colour of then a different material.
Different materials will not be good for different finishes, so a different material would be used for a
polish compared to a shiny finish. If plastic was used, this could be customized with designs much
easier. Aesthetics must also be considered for different parts, such as a handle which would be used
to make the transportation of the product easier.
The size must be not much bigger than the dimensions of the car- 400mm long, 260mm wide and
200mm high. Things that may stick out from the main shape of the car like the spoiler may also need
considering so it isn’t too big. The size of the holder will also reflect on the weight, so the weight of
the holder and the car together does not rise above 15 kg. The car is a one-off model and is a
prototype so this means the sizes do not need measuring and wrote down so all products in mass
production are the same.
Performance Requirements
The performance of the product in its early life should be good but as there are no moving parts so
no maintenance is needed to keep it functioning, however the condition of the product and its
strength will worsen over time and things like chips will need to fixed. If items like paint are used this
will have bits falling off commonly and need maintaining. The maintenance of the product will be
cheap to carry out as the expensive parts of the product like the aluminium will last much longer
than cheaper parts. Most materials will be recyclable, so after the use it can be re-used. The plastic
may not be able to be recycled after if it is strengthened. The product’s lifetime should be long
because as there is no moving parts it will be under less pressure to perform, and the materials
should last a relatively long time.
Jacob Kelly
Component 1-LAB
The holder must be able to withstand the weight of the car, with the stand needing to take a lot of
this weight. To do this, and to make it more stable on uneven ground, the stand could have small
parts that wrap around the car to keep it stable and in place. The stand must also hold the car high
enough so the wheels don’t touch the ground so when the engine starts and the wheels begin to
spin the car remains stationary. The holder needs to withstand different temperatures and fit the car
in it. The car needs to be able to be carried so a strong handle is needed, as the final product is likely
to not be able to be fitted in a bag practically. The weight, although limited to 15kg, even at its
maximum weight will not be able to be carried by children, so everything that can be done to reduce
the weight must happen. This is because it needs to be carried, as specified in the brief. The product
also needs to be safe as it will likely be around children, so all sharp parts must be removed.
Existing Products
RC Car Stand Aluminium Repair Workstation
This product would fit the size and weight requirements specified in the client brief very well.
The weight is 200 grams which means with this and the car together would not weigh more
than 15kg. The reason it is light is because it is made of aluminium, a good material for this
product because of its properties. Although aluminium is normally expensive, this product
costs £12.99. However, some parts of the product look very thin, and with aluminium not
being very strong, these parts are likely to bend under force. The product is 150mm by 150mm by
50mm which will probably be too small for the car. The main function of the product is more to be
able to work on the car and make adjustments, not to carry. For this it has holes in to make easier
access to hard to reach parts of the car. The stand also has an adjustable height, so this means it is
easier to use of different type of people, with smaller people being able to make the car higher to
work on it. The product also has magnetic strips to prevent to the car coming off, but in the use of
the product requested by the client brief, the magnetic strips may not be able to stop a heavy car
from falling off them during transport over uneven ground. Another reason this may not suit the
client brief is because the aluminium may not suit the outside weather, meaning it could rust under
heavy rain, and begin to have a declining performance.
Aluminium Alloy RC Model Car Repair Station Assembly Platform Work
Stand for Repairing Car Toys
This is another product which could fit the client brief. The dimensions are
140mm by 120 mm by 82mm, which may be too small for the car. Another
reason it may be too small is because the parts the wheels go on look too
small for the rc car. This part is meant to fit the wheels in securely. When
the wheels fit in, the magnetic parts will make the car stable. This product
also has different sizes of holes so the car can be fixed easily. This product is
slightly heavier than the previous product at 231g, still suitable for this car. Once again, this is
because of the aluminium used. This also means it will not be durable under extreme weather
conditions. It can be moved around much easier than the previous product because of the compact
Jacob Kelly
Component 1-LAB
shape. The product is also available in four colours, giving a wide range of aesthetic choices.
However, the metal is most likely painted so over time the paint will wear off.
1.9" Tire Holder Tyre Rack Stand Fits RC Car Garage Storage Organizer
This product’s focus is to hold RC cars in place and could be used for transport if
this product is secured. As the product comes, it requires a very specific size of
car to fit on it but can be adjusted by moving the poles that connect the two
sides. The stand is made with aluminium alloy, so this takes the advantages of
aluminium (its lightweight property) and makes it stronger. It is also portable. The
product is approximately 240mm by 190mm by 60mm so is similar side to the car
in the client brief. The weight is only 195g because of the lack of material in the product and the use
of aluminium. It has thin pieces that may bend under significant force, but how easy this will happen
depends on how much aluminium is used I the aluminium alloy, with more aluminium meaning it is
more likely to be weaker.
Aluminium RC Scale Car Buggy Truck Workstation Rotate Stand
This product is 175mm by 172mm by 90mm. This could fit the car on it.
This item is 438g which is quite a lot heavier than the other products.
However, this is still low enough to not go over 15kg when the car is put
on it. The aluminium alloy used to make it will be strong under pressure
but adds to the weight. This will most likely not be able to withstand
weather conditions. It is available in different colours for many aesthetic
choices. The plate on the top can rotate so the car can be worked on in
different places. The top of it is built of rubber. The middle is not covered
by rubber so if the car has an uneven bottom of the chassis, similar to the
car the client brief is for. The stand supports work on cars 90mm from the
ground. This is too small for the client brief’s requests.