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LeBel Table of classification of Waves and particles v4

--- Quarks as wave quadrants: an example of the Wave Quadrant Diagram System.
This system is described in poster version v9.7.2. It describes particles internal structure as ring shaped waves. The system is a method of
accounting for the number of wave quadrants exchanged during particle decay or particles interactions. The number of quadrants is conserved
except in two special cases. 1) When the total of existing electrical charges cancel ( + and - = 0), an extra photon of four quadrants is produced.
2) When new charges are produced ( 0 => + and -) a pair of neutrino Ve and anti-neutrino Ve is produced. In this last case, one of the neutrinos
produced may remain part of the new wave structure while the other one escapes.
Below is a table of waves and particles built from testing the diagram system on numerous known decay or interactions modes.