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five paragraph essay

Constructing the
Five Paragraph Essay
Five Paragraph Essay
• Basic Parts
– Introductory Paragraph and Thesis Statement
– Supporting Paragraphs (three)
– Concluding Paragraph
• Attention Grabber
– It must get the audience’s attention but also
introduce the general subject of the essay.
• Thesis Statement
– Write this as one sentence.
– Three points you are making to prove your position.
– This is your last sentence of the introductory
Supporting Paragraphs
• Topic Sentence (point)
• Specific Details (prove your point)
– Give three examples/details that prove your point.
– Clearly explain each detail! This may involve more than one sentence.
• Concluding Sentence (summarize/restate)
– Close the paragraph to with reference to the topic of the paragraph
and the subject of the essay.
– Never, ever write “For this reason . . .,” “That’s why…,” etc.
Concluding Paragraph
• The order of the concluding paragraph can vary,
but you always need to do the following:
– Restate the thesis from your introduction; or
– Summarize your major points from your body
– Bring the paper to closure by…
• Raising a question related to the subject
• Challenge the reader to think or to do something
• Connect the overall issue to a famous quote or idea
Quick Check!
Check One
• What is wrong with this thesis statement?
• Pizza is great because it is delicious, yummy, and
tastes good!
• It is all saying the same thing. There are not
three separate reasons.
Check Two
• What’s wrong with this sentence?
Pizza is great because it is delicious, nutritious,
and it doesn’t cost much.
– Pizza is great because it is delicious, nutritious, and
Check Three
• What is wrong with this paragraph?
Pizza is inexpensive. It doesn’t cost a lot.
You don’t have to spend a lot of money. It is
cheap. It is quite affordable.
Time to Write One
This will be on the website.
You can print a copy at home!
Sample Writing Prompt
We all eat to stay alive, but most people
have a favorite food. In a five paragraph
essay, tell what your favorite food is. Be
sure to support it with three reasons
why you like it.
First Things First
• Start with your thesis statement—your point.
• State the topic, your opinion about that topic,
and three reasons to support your opinion.
• Example: What is your favorite food?
• Pizza is the best food on earth because it is
delicious, nutritious, and inexpensive.
Introductory Paragraph
There are many foods available for people to
eat. For breakfast, choices go, from cereal to
scrambled eggs and bacon to pancakes. For lunch,
there are sandwiches, subs, and salads. And for
dinner, choices range from salads to steaks to
pasta. But of all these choices, my favorite is pizza.
Pizza is the best food on Earth because it is
delicious, nutritious, and inexpensive.
Supporting Paragraph One
First of all, pizza is delicious. Picture the
white, stretchy, stringy mozzarella cheese melted
over the top. Then there is the zesty tomato sauce
under it, bursting with spicy flavor. And under that
is a layer of bread-like crust—thick or thin, chewy
or crispy, depending on how you like it. The smell
alone is enough to make one think of Heaven.
Supporting Paragraph Two
Secondly, pizza is nutritious. There are no
empty calories in this food. For instance, the crust is
a healthy serving of carbohydrates, and the tomato
sauce provides valuable vitamins. In addition, if you
have green peppers, mushrooms, or olives on top, you
have practically a full day’s supply of vegetables! The
mozzarella cheese is a good helping of dairy products,
and if you put pepperoni, bacon, or sausage on your
pizza, you are getting protein as well. Far from being
“junk food,” pizza is a healthy meal.
Supporting Paragraph Three
Most importantly, pizza is inexpensive. Who
needs to go to a fancy French restaurant when
pizza is available? It is much cheaper than steak,
and just as satisfying. Often, there are coupons
which make pizza even less expensive. A family of
four can share a pizza, loaded with great
ingredients, for less than $10. The richest person
on Earth couldn’t buy a better meal, not for a
million dollars!
Concluding Paragraph
Whether it’s thin, thick, or stuffed crust,
whether it’s loaded with toppings or left plain with
tomato sauce and cheese, pizza is clearly the
greatest food on Earth. Every bite is bursting with
delicious flavor. Vitamins, protein and energy
come with every slice, and pizza won’t take a big
bite out of your budget. It is an affordable meal,
fit for a king. So, next time you’re undecided about
what to eat, treat yourself to pizza. You’ll be glad
you did.
Don’t Forget the Title!
• The title is important.
• It is not the topic sentence
• The title should be short and give the reader
some idea about the content of the essay.
• For this essay, we could try:
– The Perfect Food
– Pizza for Me
You’re on your way to becoming an
expert on writing an essay!