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Pet Peeve Speech and Rubric

Pet Peeve Speech
Written speech due: ___________________Presentations begin: ______________________
Objective​: To encourage expression of emotions through the delivery of a pet peeve speech.
The pet peeve speech encourages you to express your frustration and anger. A pet peeve is
anything which upsets you—a thing which causes you anger. It is an act or occurrence which
causes you stronger feelings than anything else. Your greatest pet peeve drives you crazy! When
you speak about it, your blood begins to boil from the mere mention of it. This speech will allow
you to display great emotion, both vocally and physically.
1. Make a list of at least ten things that annoy you or bother you that people say or do.
2. Choose a topic from that list to write a pet peeve speech.
3. Express your personal feelings about that topic.
4. Use plenty of force as you express your emotions.
5. Organize your speech with an introduction, body (with at least three points), and conclusion.
6. Use description and details as you describe your greatest pet peeve.
7. Go “all out” vocally and emotionally.
8. Use strong, expressive gestures and facial expressions.
9. Your own feelings will be the source of your speech.
10. The time limit is 60-90 seconds. Your speech should be short, but powerful.
Topic Suggestions
1. People who bite their fingernails
2. Someone scratching the chalkboard
3. Someone chewing gum or food with an open mouth
4. People who constantly interrupt
5. Knuckle poppers
6. People who don’t properly care for their animals
7. Hypocrites
8. People who are always late
9. Procrastinators
10. Sloppy people
11. People who constantly complain
12. People who borrow things without asking or never return what they have borrowed
Use the back of this paper to write some of your pet peeves. Think about what other students or
siblings or even your parents do that upset you. Which pet peeve irritates you the most? Choose
that one to share with the class. Be sure to include an anecdote(s), quote, fact or trivia, or
question in your speech.
Pet Peeve Speech Rubric
Pet peeve:______________________________
Time: __________________
Points Possible
Points earned
Strong emotional tie to subject
Organization of speech (intro, body, and conclusion)
Audible (clarity and volume)
Word choice
Audience connection
Eye contact/ body language
Use of time (60-90 seconds)