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plant survival 3

Day 1
● Recap the lesson
● What’s inside the leaf a closer look.
● Lab activity
Let’s recap!
Why do the plants make
photosynthesis process?
Energy is the ability to to perform work or
Let’s revise page 5
What other factors affect plant
growth other than what we
Today’s second question:
What are the different parts of the plant that helps it get what it needs?
What’s inside the leaf?
Let’s see how we dissect the leaf to observe it under the microscope.
Observe the video and draw what you see under the microscope.
What is the function of stomata?
● Watch the video and tell your teacher about the function of the stomata.
Page 10
More videos about stomata:
● Make an investigation:
Look for any tree and cover a branch full of leaves with a
transparent bag.
Send your teacher a photo of what you did and tell your friends
about your observations.
● Edmodo quiz
Day 2 Objectives
• Let’s recap!
• Identify different parts of the stem (xylem
and phloem) and the role of each one.
• Explain the process of transpiration.
Let’s recap! (time to climb
● Plants are (producers, consumers)
● Plants are called producers because
they produce oxygen. (true or false)
● What is photosynthesis
● What do plants produce in the
photosynthesis process.
● What is the function of the stomata?
Let’s watch this video.
● Plants structures.
How do the leaves get water?
How do the other parts of the plant get the sugar
made by the photosynthesis process?
● Water and sugar move in the stem in tubes.
Which one will be easier when water
moves up to the leaves or when the sugar
moves to the other parts of the plant?
The water moving up is harder as it is
against gravity.
Do you remember the experiment you
What did you find out?
Where did water come from?
● It’s the evaporation of water from
plant’s leaves.
Why is transpiration important?
● As water evaporates from the
leaves, more water is carried from
the bottom of the plant to the top.
● Read the book pages 10 and 11 and answer the questions.
● https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9-dicqNoODg
Soil less gardens (page 15)
– Do you think soil is important for plants’ growth?
– Why and why not?
– Have you heard about growing crops without soil?