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my writing process

Include short narratives to illustrate/support your description and analysis of your writing
process. Be as detailed as possible and include elements that you look for in "good" writing
(e.g., humor, descriptive language, illustrations/examples, thoughtful analysis, etc.). In
addition to being descriptive, your essay should be reflective. What is enjoyable about your
process? Painful? What works/doesn't work? What is essential to your process? What do you
wish you could change? How has your process changed over time? Does your writing process
change depending on the project? Is your process modeled/influenced by someone/something?
My writing process is slow but rushed. I don’t think of myself
as a good writer, so I don’t like to do it often. I’m very selfcritical, so I run at least three different programs to edit me
while I write. I think good writing is very descriptive, but still to
the point. It has humor and draws examples that the reader can
relate to that keeps them interested. Good writing isn’t super
wordy and hard to understand. Once I get a sense of what I want
to write and how I enjoy how it just flows out of me.
The most painful thing is the writer’s block I tend to get
because I just feel completely blank in the brain and that makes it
difficult to get things done on a deadline. Being rush usually helps
with not having anything to write because I have a set amount of
time and I try to push out whatever I can and then fine-tune it. I
also write better if I have a list of things I need to write
about/answer. Having a guide to write with helps things flow
easier and it makes my writing seem natural. When I have a ton of
time it becomes my worst enemy because when I’m able to take my
time I have nothing to write about and I get stuck looking at a
screen or piece of paper with a blank mind. I think being able to
block out the world around me helps because I don’t lose focus as
I wish could stop procrastinating, but I just think that is
when I come up with my best stuff personally. I don’t think I’ve
noticed a change in my writing other than my confidence in my
writing ability. I do think my process changes depending on my
project I’m working because I have a different mindset. I tend to
think more creatively when I’m working on things that aren’t for
school. But I usually have to keep things strict with how and what
I write for school because they usually want my work to be
extremely technical. I don’t write like anyone/thing else. I don’t
think I really have a writing style.
I usually write for my classes, and that’s about it. I used to
write for fun, but it was hard for me to get the things I was
trying to convey out. I was writing short stories and enjoyed
coming up with new ideas all the time. But getting the ideas out of
my head and onto the page was my biggest issue I came across.
Then I hated the way I was writing, and it was nothing like how my
favorite authors wrote, so I gave it up. It also took a lot out of
me mentally and I got tired of it. I always thought id go back to it,
but I don’t really feel the need to.