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Come Back

Come Back
Come back to the dilapidated house; was your home,
Garden around full of bushes and weed looked pale.
Your living room window shutter broken by miscreants,
The house looked forsaken not habituated for a long.
Felt sad and depressed while unlocking the rusted lock.
Entered the dark room; a stale and still air repelled
Flew cockroaches, titmouse with whirl of dust.
Your living room ransacked, almirah broken………nothing exists
Room smelled of you, stagnant air full of evening in Paris,
Refreshed me, your dresses, cosmetic jewelers lay scattered.
Ashu and Mona (doll) sleeps peacefully on bed.
To them you have gone to market or for a stroll,
Every night dress them, do their hair, pat, sing lore
Make them sleep.
At dawn you slipped from the bed, stood on the window,
Looked out to greet the rising sun, gentle breeze from garden,
The aura of night flower jasmine with dew drops made you happy.
Songs of twittering birds gathered by the side of your small ditch,
Dug and made by you, for the birds to quench their thirst.
You never worshipped deity, JESUS being tormented and pained,
On the cross in HIS last day was your solace and emancipation