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Cell Membrane
is a plasma membrane that
surrounds the cell and contains
the cytoplasm of the cell.
Structure of the Cell Membrane
Lipid Bilayer
Phospholipids have both polar and
nonpolar regions and are oriented back-toback in two layers around the cell.
• Nonpolar region: fatty acid chains orient
away from the water.
• Polar region: phosphate head orients
towards the water
Fluid Mosaic Model: the structure represents an ever-moving sea of fluid lipids
that contains a mosaic of many different proteins.
• Fluid like cooking oil due to double bonds present in fatty acid chains.
• Cholesterol makes that bilayer stronger but less fluid at normal body
4 Functions of the Cell Membrane
Forms boundary of cell
Facilitates contact with other cells
Provides receptor sites
Mediates entrance and exit of materials from cell.
The Cell Membrane is Selectively Permeable
Permeability is a function of the following factors:
• Size of molecule
• Solubility in lipids
• Charge on ions
• Presence of carrier molecules
Proteins are associated
with the membrane
and can be attached
to the interior or
exterior or extend all
the way across the
4 Functions of Proteins in Membrane
• Transport allows a selective substance to flow into or out of the
• Receptors for hormones, enzymatic activity, and intercellular
• Attachment to cytoskeleton to maintain cell shape and fix the
location of certain membrane proteins
• Cell-cell recognition enables a cell to recognize other cells
and respond to potentially dangerous foreign cells.
Cell Transport
The Cell Membrane is Selectively Permeable
All Systems Naturally Move Towards Equilibrium
Passive and Active Transport
No Energy Required
Energy Required
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