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Behaviour system poster

Level One - L1
Definition: General disobedience or
minor disturbances that interfere
with classroom order and
instruction. Any minor first-time
incident. Minor acts of misconduct
which interfere with orderly school
procedures, school functions,
extracurricular programs, approved
transportation, or a student’s own
learning process.
 Distracting other students from
 Off-task behavior
 Unprepared for class
 Missed teacher meeting
 Lateness, excessive tardiness
 Hallway misbehavior
 Misuse of elevator
 Breaking class rules
 Minor dress code violation
 Mild inappropriate language
 Failing to do classwork
 Electronic device violation
 Cutting, skipping, or out of
assigned area.
 Minor graffiti
 Verbal altercation
 Excessive talking
 Disobedience
 Breaking language policy
 Breaking digital device policy
Level Two – L2
Definition: Intermediate acts of
misconduct that may require
administrative intervention. Any
repetitive level one incidents and/or
attitudes that show a lack of respect
for authority.
 Repeated level one behaviors
 Academic integrity violation
(cheating, plagiarism)
 Bullying of any kind (physical,
verbal, online, sexual)
 Defamatory notes/messages
 Defiance
 Walking out of class
 Refusing to relinquish cell phones
and/or other electronic devices
 Possession of contraband
 Inappropriate use of technology
 Gambling
 Theft
 Using/taking without permission
 Skipping school / class
 Being in a restricted area
 Aggressive behavior
 Aggressive profanity
 Vulgar/obscene gestures
 Fighting
 Inciting a fight
 Property damage
 Public displays of affection
 Using restricted facilities without
Level Three – L3
Definition: Serious acts of misconduct
that require administrative
intervention. These behaviors include
but are not limited to repeated
misbehaviors of a similar nature,
serious disruptions of the school
environment that may threaten health,
safety, or property and other acts of
serious misconduct.
 Repeated level 1 and 2 behaviors
 Bomb threat, false alarm
 Use of or possession of alcohol,
drugs or tobacco or their products
 Sexual harassment or battery
 Inappropriate physical contact
 Threatening students and/or staff
 Use or possessions of weapons
 Breaking and entering (burglary) or
 Major disruption of classroom or
school activity
 Arson
 Chronic truancy
 Endangering student safety
 Slander / Defamation
Consequence One C1
Consequence Two C2
Written warning – behavior is
recorded in school system.
Verbal warning – teacher
explains rules that have been
broken and warns of next
Parents Informed –
homeroom teacher sends
message to parents.
Reflection – In homeroom
time student reflects on
 L1 Incident
 2 L1 incidents in a single
Consequence Three C3
In school suspension- student
is pulled out of class for one
period – one school day to
prevent further disruption.
Detention – Time spent at
recess, lunchtime or after
school hours to catch up for
work missed in class.
 3 L1 incidents in a single
 2 C2 consequences in a day.
 L2 Incident
Consequence Four C4
Suspension - student will not
be allowed on FLIS campus for
greater than one school day.
Behavior report – upon
returning to school students
will go on report meaning
greater supervision and
oversight from staff to ensure
consistency in following rules.
 3 C3 consequences over a
 L3 Incident